Some Things Are Just Better Together

Written By Alla Levin
April 28, 2019
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Things Are Just Better Together

When you start to snack on something delicious, it’s a common occurrence to become somewhat thirsty as a result of having your mouth watering.

In a lot of cases, this can spoil the moment because of the discomfort that thirst tends to cause. Fortunately, there are ways to keep things going well, and to have your snack continue to be an enjoyable experience – Bokksu Experience.

Snacking, in general, needs to be a balance of solids and liquids, and failing to remember this basic fact can become a real annoyance to the unwary.

Being able to pair something up well with your snack food is an essential piece of the snacking puzzle, no matter what kinds of snacks you tend to indulge in.

The Flavors of JapanOolong Tea

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you’ve undoubtedly at least tried some things that simply don’t exist in the rest of the world.

Japanese cuisine is known for being very daring, with designers and the public at large being willing to try just about anything from a culinary standpoint.

This willingness extends through tons of different textures, flavors, and even combinations that might make the rest of the world feel like a wretch.

Of course, the flavors of Japan are unique enough that they draw in a lot of people.

Some people have never even been to Japan, but are still curious about the flavors that they could get themselves involved in simply by tasting something truly different.

These brave people have a lot of options at their disposal, but sometimes getting there is the hard part.

Getting Around the ProblemsJapanese snack food

The first problem used to be “How in the world are you going to get Japanese snack food in the first place if you live thousands of miles away?”

It isn’t as if everyone just had a Japanese friend who would package up a bunch of tasty things and send them around.

While this one problem has been solved to a certain extent through the advent of Bokksu, at first, this wasn’t a perfect solution.

The second problem was “What happens when you get thirsty? What do Japanese people drink when they are having a delicious snack, and want to wet their proverbial whistle?”

The simple answer is they drink tea – Oolong Tea, for instance.

But then, it becomes a question of what tea would be the best.

The Right Tea for the Jobjapanese toy box

Much like many aristocratic people will spend a lot of time pairing wines with dinner, matching the right kind of tea with your snack food is something of an art form.

With the right tea, you can have a double dose of deliciousness, while with the wrong tea, you’re going to get a sour stomach and a bad overall experience.

This is why the right pairing of tea and snacks are vital to the Bokksu experience. As you begin to sample the sweet and savory delights of the land of the rising sun, you also get to sample a tasty tea experience.

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