How to Create a Chic Mudroom

Written By Alla Levin
December 02, 2019

How to Create a Chic Mudroom

Having a utilitarian space in your home doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. For example, a mudroom can be an incredibly useful place for you and your family, but with a room full of shoes, backpacks, and jackets, how can you still have elements of design that complement the rest of your home? You can talk with interior designers near me to see how they have helped other clients, and they should agree that these clever tips can make your mudroom both chic and practical.  

Control the Clutterinterior designers near me

It’s hard to create a simple, sophisticated space with an out-of-control assortment of papers, bags, mail, receipts, and other items that seem to take over any room if left unchecked. Open shelving or an assortment of baskets can give you a dedicated area to tuck away that paperwork so coming home feels less stressful. You can also add a wall pocket to hold mail to prevent it from ending up on your kitchen counters, waiting to be opened or tossed.

A Place for Everything

Once you’ve taken care of your paper clutter, you can move on to the bigger items, such as shoes, boots, jackets, and umbrellas. Incorporate a rack and shelving in your mudroom design or have an interior designer Brentwood help you create a layout that meets your family’s needs. Whether you find mudroom furniture on your own or have custom pieces created for you, you can get adequate storage for those frequently used items that you aren’t sure where to put.

Grab a Seat

A chic mudroom would not be complete without appropriate seating to take off your shoes, answer a quick phone call, or to decompress after a rough day. Benches are ideal for this purpose, especially if they have room underneath for stowing shoes or bags. If your mudroom cannot accommodate a bench, you could instead use a stool or two for the same purpose.

Time for Flairinterior designer Pacific Palisades

Once you have the functional elements of your mudroom covered, you can turn your focus to the stylistic elements you want to integrate. Because mudrooms are small compared to other spaces in your home, they are ideal for patterned tile, wallpaper, or bold colors that you love but may be hesitant to use on a larger scale. This is where an interior designer Pacific Palisades can be especially helpful; a designer can show you similar projects to get ideas or provide you with tile or paper samples to see how it may look in your room.

A Reflection of You

You may not have given a mirror any thought, but just imagine how nice it can be to give yourself a last check before you head at the door. Your mudroom may not be near a bathroom or hallway, especially if you have it off the garage or a side entrance, so your closest mirror may not be as close as you like. Hanging a mirror in your mudroom is an easy solution that also dresses up the walls.

Hopefully, these suggestions can inspire you to get your mudroom in shape. With a little creativity, you can add style to make a useful room attractive as well.

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