Best Freelancing Gigs for College Students

Written By Alla Levin
December 19, 2019

Best Freelance Writing Gigs for College Students

As a rule, students look for a part-time job to earn additional money towards their school expenses or to have some extra cash on top of their allowance.

The key requirement is flexible hours, so they wouldn’t have to compromise their studies.

There are various freelancing opportunities for college students online.

Some employers are prepared to hire an undergrad without a degree either because the position is entry-level, or because they see the potential of the candidate and are prepared to wait until he or she will graduate.

Yet such occasions are rare, so freelancing is an ever-popular option. To give you some idea of the best freelancing gigs, we’ve prepared this quick list.

Freelance Writing

Are you looking for a flexible job? Any freelance writing gigs would be the perfect occupation for you to consider.

To get your first gig and start building your portfolio, you can join online recruitment hubs or apply to writing agencies such as cheap essay writing service USA, Australia, Asia, or India.

As a rule, a freelance writer can work whenever they want, as long as all paperwork is submitted on time.

The work varies depending on the written material required and the style of the content. Your work ranges from articles and eBooks to student essays and blog posts.

Data miningfreelance writing job boards

Is your typing speed around 55 or 60 wpm? If yes, this is a great job for you. Usually, the employers will ask you to gather information online and organize the data in Excel or Word.

You can either encode them or use data-mining software to extract the information easily.

This kind of job teaches you fast work, encoding, data collection, processing, and presentation. Some employers can teach you how to use specific software or online tools.

On the other hand, some may require you to have prior experience with the specific software. The employers can also ask you to produce a certificate of completion of a relevant course.

A data mining experience can help you later fill positions in an office environment. You can also apply all these skills to almost any job in the future.

Graphic Artist/Designer

Graphic design is a trending job nowadays due to its high demand from many companies – not necessarily in the IT sector.

Everyone wants to have a nice website and a professionally looking logo. You must have a designing skill and creativity as your asset if you’re planning to pursue this job for freelance work.

If you are knowledgeable with Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Canva, this will be an added bonus. Usually, an undergrad studying Arts can easily apply as a logo or T-shirt designer.

Transcriber and Typistfreelance writing editing jobs

Are you good at listening and typing fast? If so, you can apply for a transcriber job. Generally, you will need to listen through the records of meetings, interviews, or other types of audio files and convert them into written material.

A transcriber’s job is also flexible, and you can pick a reasonable schedule to work. The main requirement is your ability to capture all the discussions and words from the audios correctly.

Virtual Assistant

A good virtual assistant is in high-demand in the online outsourcing industry. Usually, the virtual assistants are given some tasks to work on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The work description varies depending on the hiring needs of the employer, but as a rule, the requirements include knowledge in using office tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, being well-versed in social media, good time-management skills, and ability to prioritize tasks.

These basic requirements are already essential to build your freelance career and stay successful academically, so why not try this?

Customer Representativefreelance writing jobs near me

Are you a people’s person? If yes, a customer representative job is suitable for you. The challenge of this job is the ability to handle different customers coming in a variety of moods.

Usually, you will be trained first and provided with a script, that is what to say and how to handle customers in different standard situations.

You must also learn how to do sales talk and convince people to buy products or use company services.

Aside from marketing to people, you must also know how to negotiate through customer complaints.

This job might be challenging for a college student because of stress levels, but if you’re able to cope with this work, it will surely boost your confidence and experience in dealing with people.

Merchandiser or Retailer

Are you a business-minded person? Maybe you are taking a course in marketing and would benefit from some hands-on experience? Or maybe you are just good at guessing what people want?

If you have these skills, you can perform merchandiser or retailer jobs. Perhaps, you are thinking to apply in Costco, Malls, or Hardware Stores.

Nowadays, however, you can even work as a retailer online. Thus, you don’t need to commute to go to the store, which will save you both time and money.

Some employers may require you to do product listing on their Shopify, Amazon, or eBay account. You must be familiar with these platforms. In this job, you will learn the workflow of business operations and learn customer management.

Freelance writing gigs for college students is a great choice!

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