Best Job Roles with Business Skills Competency Course

Written By Alla Levin
December 20, 2019

Business Competencies: Job Roles with Business Skills Competency Course

Apart from your academic and technical skills, employers nowadays look for candidates who are career competent.

Opting for a business skill competency program is essential in terms of providing students with professional development goals to work towards.

Let us explore some of the business sectors in which you can find lucrative job roles with business skills competency course.


The basic competencies that every entrepreneur should develop are ꟷ key concept, idea summary and business application.

Besides interpersonal and leadership skills, entrepreneurs must be well acquainted with business competency skills too.

Other characteristics may include risk-seeking, assertiveness, and vision, which are considered typical of a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is a critical ability that will require you to apply business knowledge into practice. The three tiers of competencies that all entrepreneurs should possess includes:

  • Personal (creativity, determination, integrity, tenacity, emotional balance and self-criticism);
  • Interpersonal (communication, engagement/charisma, delegation, and respect);
  • Business (business vision, resource management, networking, and negotiating skills).

Computer and ITTech companies in San Francisco

Employees in office settings, as well as those working remotely, must possess basic computer competency to perform their duties efficiently.

This allows businesses to hire office staff who are aware of computer techniques, which can reduce training costs and maximize productivity. Having computer competency will allow you to take up job roles in the ꟷ data entry, operating systems, web browsing, IT communications and hardware sectors.

Tech companies in San Francisco, an area where many startups and big companies have been founded, are open to hiring potential candidates with a background in tech. Efficient typing abilities are essential for acquiring administrative positions. Likewise, operating systems managing and controlling the basic functions of all computers is also vital.

Accounting and Finance

The importance of business and commercial skills within accounting and finance is noted across the full spectrum of administrative roles. Business competencies that are commonly found within professionals holding financial roles are as follows:

  • Strategic and advisory (financial planning, strategic management accounting (networks and alliances; mergers, acquisitions, and disposals);
  • Financial (corporate finance, treasury, external reporting such as accounting standards and tax);
  • Management accounting (preparation and communication of relevant information and accounting advice);
  • Regulatory (ethics and governance, internal audit and multinational accounting);
  • Systems (Financial and management accounting systems and e-business).

Business Communication

Body language and overall personality of an individual play an essential role in effective managerial communication. This may lead to an increased level of collaboration and business partnering that in turn is driven by finance transformation.

This includes financial roles involved in closer collaboration with the global business, such as acquiring international business partners.

Managerial roles in the business communication sector include Promotion Manager, Marketing Manager, Public Relations Manager and more.

Send in your application to obtain the Certificate in Business Skills Competency today and get closer to achieving advanced business skills and acumen.

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