Why the Media Has It Completely Wrong When It Comes to Video Games

Written By Alla Levin
December 31, 2019

Why the Media Has It Completely Wrong When It Comes to Video Games

Nothing is more certain than the media showing disapproval for video games.  Luckily, that’s a trope that has slowly started to subside over the years, thanks to the mainstream success of eSports and the amount of money it’s bringing in. However, there are still plenty of people who seem to take every opportunity to show games in a negative light.

They’ve been described as everything from sinful distractions to nerdy entertainment, but the reality is that video games can provide you and your family with lots of unique benefits.

Sure, it’s just a form of entertainment at the end of the day, and you can just as easily replace it with sports, board games, and puzzles. Still, there’s nothing wrong with considering video games as a family activity or something to enjoy in moderation.

Video games are great for social interaction

A common stereotype against people that play games is that they have no social life. This couldn’t be further from the truth, thanks to the online experiences available today.  Many video games that kids play involve some teamwork or interaction with other players. Sometimes it involves working together, and other times it involves competing with them.

Regardless of how you and your kids interact with other players, there’s always some social aspect involved. The one like Keanu Reeves Game, for example.

Games can be enjoyed at all timesVideo Games

Plenty of people assume that games require you to sit down and play them for several hours straight. In reality, you can enjoy video games whenever you want.

It can be a distraction while you’re commuting to and from work, it can be a 30-minute session when you’re waiting for something to cook in the oven, or it can be a weekly hobby to enjoy with your children.

One of the issues with games is that they can take a lot of time to learn before you start enjoying them, but the same can be said for many things.  For instance, board games require you to learn the rules, and sports also demand some time investment.

For games, you can even choose the rate at which you progress, such as purchasing OSRS gold if you’re playing RuneScape so that you can skip some of the tedious activities.  In short, games can be enjoyed in your own time and at your own pace.

Video games can provide career opportunities

People often think that games don’t help you achieve anything, but the reality is that a passion for games can lead to many career opportunities.  For instance, designing video games is a legitimate job that requires computer science knowledge, and there are even careers related to playing video games as a professional.

There are so many possibilities within the gaming industry. Contrary to what the media says, it can be a legitimate career path for those who truly embrace the entertainment and positives that video gaming offers.

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