It’s Important To Remember The Redemptive Power Of Art

Written By Alla Levin
January 03, 2020
Photo by Genaro Servín from Pexels

It’s Important To Remember The Redemptive Power Of Art

Art is more than just a craft, it’s more than a discipline, and it’s more than something that challenges you. It is a vital expression of the soul itself.

We’re going to leave that statement as the only pretentious identifier of what art can mean in this article, as too much of that can often leave people feeling exhausted.

However, it’s also important to consider when the last time you let art challenge you was.

Too often we can find ourselves focused on seeing the latest action blockbuster, or listening to the last corporate-led album, or simply watching feel-good but somewhat repetitive television in hopes of being entertained.

But true art is more than just entertainment. It can challenge you, and it can truly help you learn much about yourself and the world around us.

It’s important to remember the redemptive power of art, as it can be a thoroughly healthy approach, even if you’re not sure what to make of it from time to time. Thankfully, this needn’t feel like homework. Let’s see how this can be best felt:

Art Makes You Reflect

Art can help you reflect
Photo by Laura Stanley from Pexels

Art can help you reflect on your current circumstances, your dreams, hopes, and ambitions, and can also help you look into your current emotional state and come to conclusions about why you may be reacting to the art in a certain manner.

Art can also be fun, enjoyable, and mesmerizing. It can be all of this and more. Art can help us consider ideas, themes or flat out impressions that we may never have the chance to otherwise. To that end, it must be preserved and continually respected.

Art Can Bring Hope

Photo by Matheus Viana from Pexels

When the systems of humankind become a little too stagnant or limiting, or when we’re out of ideas for how to move forward, or when we feel as though we’re stuck in a certain mental framing forever, art can come through to give us hope and help us blast past those prior limiting beliefs.

No matter if you enjoy looking at the beautiful renditions of local landscapes or prefer something a little more abstract and challenging, the more an artistic piece has you interface with its presence, the healthier it is to consider.

This in itself shows art as an essential metaphysical need for most people, even those of us with less creative juice flowing inside.

Art Holds Shared Value

Park West Auctioneer Casey Gandy
Park West Auctioneer Casey Gandy

Art holds a shared value and can bring communities together of various different ages, creeds and life experiences. Two people may share completely different views over a piece of art, but at the same time, they may bond over it thoroughly.

These are the conversations that Park West Gallery seeks to promote, as they know art is only good for the dynamic now, only when it’s being discussed, appreciated, questioned and observed.

Without the human element tying everything together, art has less of a value, but with it, it can be priceless.

With these insights, we hope you can also find the redemptive power of art in your own life.

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