Six Clear Signs You Are Stupidly Bored In Your Job

Written By Alla Levin
January 13, 2020
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My Job is Boring: Signs You Are Stupidly Bored In Your Job

There is nothing that reduces people to tears more than their job – when they’ve had enough of it, that is.  It’s completely unrealistic to think that there will be 100% satisfaction in the jobs that we have chosen, but the last thing that you want is to go to work and actually fall asleep through sheer boredom. 

If you find that you are making as many excuses as possible in your job and avoiding what you’re doing, then you’re not the only one.  There are plenty of studies out there to show that people reach a ceiling in their job. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but for most people, there is a peak where they cannot find joy any longer.

There are always going to be periods of disenchantment with the career or industry, but there should be far more ups than there are downs.  When you get bored, you’re less likely to offer a high-quality service to your employer, and it’s high quality that you want to be able to provide the most. So, if you’re worrying that your current gig is losing the appeal that it originally had, then we’ve got some clear signs that you are truly bored.

Let’s explore those further.

You Find Yourself Clock Watchingbored in your job

My Job is Boring! You know what they say, don’t you? A watched clock never boils. We’re that bored, and we’re mixing metaphors! A clock that is watched does not move.

You feel like you’ve been at work for the day and it’s been ten minutes and two coffees. The days where the clocks have slowed down are the worst days; they feed the boredom and the constant need to find joy, but you can’t find it!

If you’re tuned in to what the clock is doing, you’re not tuned-in to your work – and therein lies the problem!

You’re Zoning Out

A big part of being in your job – especially if you are an entrepreneur who is starting up – is that you need to work on making a social impactThe problem is that you can’t learn how to do that if you’re constantly zoning out! Boredom often makes us start to daydream, but you won’t learn anything if you’re allowing your mind to wander.

Set yourself smaller goals in the day and stick with them. You won’t regret it.

You’re Skimmingo do more if you want to be more.

When you go to work, are you doing the bare minimum as required by your job description, or are you going out of your way to do more? If you’re just doing the bare minimum, you’re skimming in your job. You need to do more if you want to be more. Don’t just do enough, do more than that, and be better for it.

You’re Procrastinating – Badly

Wandering around the office for little conversations about the latest and greatest in celebrity land is not the way to remain productive in your job.

You know you should be getting down to work, but you’re just too busy putting it off. How would you react if your salary was put off, also? We know you’re bored, but this is a sure sign that you’re pretty done with what you’re doing, and you’re ready to move on.

Tasks That Aren’t Work-Relatedapplying all Secret Squirrel -

Browsing your summer vacay is not something that you should be doing at work. Slipping through the DMs of the nearest hotels and resorts abroad? Not the way to spend your time at your desk. You can show how bored you are if this is engaging you and not the tasks on the computer screen in front of you!

If you cannot get focused on where you are, change your environment. Ask for an office switch up or take the company laptop outside to work instead. You may find yourself a little more motivated this way!

You’re Looking For Work

The last – and undeniable – sign that you are bored with your job is that you’re looking for another one.  You’re on those job sites, and you’re applying allSecret Squirrel – on company time no less!

We all want to feel challenged in our roles, but if our roles aren’t keeping us interested or delivering what we need the most, then why do we continue to do it?  You need to make sure that you are in a job that makes you feel appreciated and challenged, wanted, and worked.

You need to give your life a chance, and not waste it in a position that you hate when there are so many other opportunities out there!  No more: “My Job is Boring”!

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