Ready To Move On? Three Sure Signs It’s Time To Change Job

Written By Alla Levin
May 27, 2022
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Ready To Move On? Three Sure Signs It’s Time To Change Job

With the number of UK job vacancies reaching record highs across the first three months of 2022, now’s a better time than ever if you’re thinking of changing careers. However, before you make the big move, it’s a good idea to seriously think about what you need from your career.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most obvious pointers that you deserve to find a new role. From burnout and stress to sheer curiosity, there are plenty of reasons to want to pack away your desk and hand in your notice. Read on to find out the ones you simply can’t ignore.

You’re in a toxic workplace

Above the rest, working in a toxic environment indicates a clear need to make a change. Whether your manager is communicating passive-aggressively, or your colleagues are spreading gossip and rumors, it’s known that small issues quickly escalate in toxic environments.

Commercial banner specialists instantprint recently ran a study on workplace toxicity and found that the traits considered the most toxic in a workplace include:

  • Bullying, with 46% deeming it the most toxic;
  • Passive-aggressive comments, 45.5%;
  • Cliques and favoritism, both 37%;
  • Gossip and rumors, 35%.

Over 58% of respondents admitted that a toxic environment would prompt them to switch jobs. So, if you’re feeling stressed and uncomfortable at work, it’s time to put yourself first.

You don’t feel like you’re learning anymoreSigns It’s Time To Change Job

If you’re suddenly standing still, not gaining any new knowledge or experience, and stuck in a tiresome routine, alarm bells should definitely be ringing. While it could be helpful to formally discuss the fact that you’re not feeling challenged, it might not always have a constructive outcome.

When your demands are met with stubborn inflexibility, it could just be time to quit. Even though instantprint’s survey found that not having enough room to grow was considered the least toxic workplace trait, it was still considered toxic by almost a fifth of respondents – so should be taken seriously.

Signs it’s time to change jobs: you feel underappreciated

If you’re suddenly expected to work late nights and weekends and you’ve been pouring effort into tasks without any thanks, it could be time to switch jobs. It’s unfair to be pulling more weight than your colleagues, especially when you’re working within a team or finding your tasks repetitive.

Results from instant print’s survey found that women consider a lack of work-life balance and out-of-hours communications as more toxic than their male colleagues do. Moreover, any imbalance in your working life should be addressed with your employer to make sure you have a clear progression route and goals outlined for your development. Otherwise, it’s time to be the driver of your own future!

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