3 Tips for Staying Productive on the Go

Written By Alla Levin
January 31, 2020

3 Tips to Stay Productive on the Go

If you’re the kind of person who loves to travel – and especially if you are part of the new generation of “digital nomads” who earn their living through a computer, while constantly moving from place to place.

You’ve likely noticed that it’s not always too easy to remain productive and focused when on the go.

Travel can be an incredible experience and can provide many of life’s most powerful moments and memories.

But being away from home, and waking up in a new locale every few days, can definitely throw your normal routine out the door, and make it difficult to stay on top of your errands, and get your projects turned in on time.

Here are a handful of tips for staying productive on the go.

Keep your stress levels down

It’s a weird paradox, but the very thing that so many of us do to try and stay productive – living off caffeine, and not getting enough sleep – may well be the most surefire way of devastating our productivity.

Work is often stressful, and for all its joys, travel is often stressful as well.

But if you want to be productive, never mind to feel your best, it’s important that you come up with techniques and strategies to keep your stress levels down.

When your stress levels are chronically high, that means that the stress hormone cortisol is circulating in your body in unhealthy quantities.

If cortisol stays elevated for long enough, your energy, mood, and cognitive performance will drop significantly.

So, while trying to be productive on the road: get enough sleep, try to eat properly, and consider supplements to keep your stress hormones balanced.

Use the right tools and techniques to keep yourself balanced and efficienttechniques to keep yourself balanced and efficient

Time is of the essence when you are on the go, and efficiency can save you from a lot of trouble and can ensure that you are actually free to enjoy your trip, while still getting your obligations handled.

Using the right tools and techniques is often essential in order to keep yourself balanced and efficient, and to ensure that you are getting things done reliably and quickly. 

Cloud Accounting tools can help you to balance your finances without dedicating all of your time to the process, for example.

And task-management systems can stop you from losing track of your to-do lists.

Reduce time-wasting distractions as much as possible, and focus your attention

Since your time and energy are so important when working from the road, it stands to reason that time-wasting distractions are a cardinal sin that you can’t afford.

In theory, if you’re not working or trying to be productive, you should be breathing in the culture and atmosphere of the place you are currently visiting.

If you sacrifice a couple of hours out of the day to watch cat videos, you might well be sabotaging yourself across the board.

Focus your attention, as much as possible, on things that you could reasonably deem worthwhile and meaningful.

Come up with techniques for dropping hollow “time-sink” activities.

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