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Alternative Online Careers to Allow You to Work from Home

Working from home or working for yourself is a goal for many people around the globe. With no boss, you manage your own time, your income, and your priorities, living a lifestyle that works around your personal goals and preferences.

Historically, achieving this dream has been highly challenging. You would have you run a business of your own, hire staff and take many risks to reach a point where you can live however you want.

However, this has all changed with the advent of the internet and technology. The internet has allowed for the development of online careers, allowing you to work at your pace and comfortably.

In this guide, we are going to cover four of the most popular alternative career paths worth considering, helping you create the life you want with those alternative online careers.

Alternative Online Careers: Bloggingalternative online careers

Firstly, we should discuss one of the oldest online career paths – blogging. For the last two decades, blogs have gone from sites run by hobbyists to legitimate money-making enterprises.

Primarily, blogs generate revenue through advertisers who pay for sponsored posts, product reviews, and display ads on the blog’s website. Starting a blogging career has never been easier.

A host of platforms and web hosting services provide pre-made themes, templates, and packages, many of which allow you to start for free. However, it’s important to note that blogging requires a dedication to producing regular, high-quality content in your niche. Before the money comes rolling in, you must work hard building your audience.

InfluencingWork from Home

Social media is one of the most important social developments of the technological era. With social media, a whole new channel of reaching people was created, and its reach is global.

Where there is a channel to connect with people, there is space to advertise and make money, which is why influencers were born. Much like bloggers, influencers build a following on social media platforms by generating content that their audience enjoys.

By commanding the attention of so many people, they are paid by advertisers to promote their products, sometimes for obscene amounts of money. Some people think you must have a substantial following to become an online influencer, and while a large audience helps, it’s not the most important thing.

Micro-influencers operate with typically 1000 – 10,000 followers and are popular with advertisers because of the engagement they receive. You can have millions of followers, but if none care about what you think or comment on your social media posts, they won’t buy a product you advertise.

Businesses know this, and so they target influencers with audiences who love them and listen to them. Often, these communities can be small but still invaluable, hence the name micro-influencer.

Again, to make money doing this, you will need to generate high-quality content and build your audience, so don’t expect it to come rolling in immediately.

Social Media ManagementSocial Media Management

Building upon our mention of social media – social media management is a great way of making money online and can be run from your sofa. Many current businesses realize just how important social media is, yet their marketing departments are unaware of how to use this platform effectively to make money.

Due to this, businesses are hiring dedicated social media managers to look after their accounts and ensure they engage with their audience. This can be done remotely because it is entirely operated online, making it the perfect digital career – all you need to do is do some courses in social media marketing and begin doing freelance work on the side until you have enough experience and case studies to go full-time.


Finally, it’s essential to talk about freelancing as a whole. There are multiple sites online like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour which offer somewhere to advertise freelance services that are taken on an ad hoc basis.

Many people supplement their income with freelancing income through these sites, but others have even become full-time online freelancers, whether they do Copywrite, graphic design, or web development.

Reaching full-time status will take time as freelancing successfully relies on good reviews to promote your services, which aren’t possible to gain immediately. If you stick to it, though, freelancing can quickly become a viable business option. Using these four career paths, you can create the lifestyle you want.

These aren’t the only options available, though; hundreds of job opportunities can be completed online and from the comfort of your own home. Do some additional research and find exactly what works for you, your skillset, and your schedule.

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