Student Housing: The Advantages Every Student Should Know About

Written By Alla Levin
February 13, 2020

Student Housing: The Advantages Every Student Should Know About

It is always an uncomfortable feeling when you have to leave your comfort zone behind.

This becomes all the more inconvenient if you have to leave your home town, or worse, your country!

However, if you are headed to Australia for your higher studies, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Across the world, Australia is well-acclaimed for its premium education standards. It is no wonder why thousands of applicants choose to study at Australian universities every year.

However, a tiny fraction of those aspiring young minds get to live this dream! So, if your name is on the selected candidate’s list of an Australian ivy college, then, buckle p for the best years of your life.

What makes this exciting is the student housing options in Australia. If you are looking at what is so exciting about student housing in Australia, here’s all you need to know about it.

Here are the various advantages of student housing in Australia that every kid needs to know of:

Proximityuniversity offers campus accommodation

You would find that every major university offers campus accommodation.

However, those vacancies are filled rather too quickly for most students even to get a peek. In that case, you would find a lot of good options located in extreme proximity to your institute.

This could save you a lot of money in commute and also, your travel time would be cut down significantly, which you can then appropriately use to explore the city or study or unwind after your college for the next few years to come.

However, the closer a place is to your uni, the faster it will be off the markets! So, you would need to be quick. One way to get a look at what’s hot around your uni is to go online.

You could make use of online portals such as Iglu to find excellent facilities around major Australian college hubs such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Excellent facilities

Australia boasts of some of the best living conditions across the globe.

What this means is that you are most likely going to find access to clean drinking water, 24*7 electricity, internet, security, gymnasium, clean dormitories, etc., in almost all your accommodation options shortlisted.

Moreover, crime rates in Australia are at an all-time low, and most locals are friendly too.

So, while looking for accommodation, you should also aim for add-ons, if any available at the property.

Some hostels even have an inbuilt gymnasium, swimming pool, and other facilities too.

Public TransportStudent Housing

As we have already established, if a place is closer to uni, it is more likely to get sold-out in a blink!

When you don’t find a place nearby, you are going to look for areas that are at least well-connected utilizing public commute.

Luckily, Australia has a sound public transportation system in place. All you have to do is secure a seat with a hostel that’s located in proximity to a train or bus station.


It has been found that student hostels or student shared apartments are cheaper than the usual rentals.

What this means is that you could secure a spot in your university’s five-star campus dormitory for a far smaller amount than a regular tenant would pay for an independent flat.

A student card gets you the advantage of access to some external Student-only PGs and hostels as well; these options coast a lot lesser than regular options.

If you are making a move outside your home and unsure about how to handle the finances, you should be quick to book student accommodation.

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