5 Jobs Jobs for Artists That Love Drawing

Written By Alla Levin
February 13, 2020
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Your love of doodling needn’t just be a hobby. Many serious careers rely on a talent for drawing, and those are amazing jobs for artists. If you’ve been looking for a way to make money out of your passion for drawing, why not try some of these art career avenues?

Jobs for Artists: Graphic designerPeople That Love Drawing

Graphic designers are responsible for handling visual branding – this can include everything from packaging to internet ads to t-shirt designs.  Being able to draw is an essential skill as a graphic designer, especially when it comes to logo design elements.

Other knowledge that can come in handy includes typography, photoshopping, and possibly HTML for working with websites.  A degree in graphic design could be a useful qualification for proving to employers you have the necessary skills for your art career.


You could also look into animating for a living.  Animators are employed by advertising companies, film studios, video game producers, and software developers.

They often have to share many of the skills of graphic designers and have a good idea of bodily mechanics.  There are lots of tools that you can use to practice and perfect your animation skills. Some employers may require applicants to have a degree in animation.

Illustratorart careers

Illustrators create visual art for novels, Tarot cards, textbooks, and album covers.  While graphic designers and animators tend to rely on a more technical drawing style, animators can enjoy a much freer approach to drawing.  The exception may be the likes of medical illustrators and tech illustrators. In all cases, familiarising yourself with illustration software could be useful.

Tattoo artistfreelance artist

You also need to be able to draw well to become a tattoo artist. This can be a great job for those that don’t want to be at a desk all day. You’ll have to learn to use relevant equipment such as a tattoo gun, and you may want to invest in some FYT Supplies such as ink and tattoo soap.

You should also look into a tattoo kit for beginners, giving you the necessary items to start down this career path. By practicing on the pig’s skin, yourself, and any willing friends/family, you can hone these skills.

Art Careers: art teacher

If you enjoyed art in school, you could also consider taking up a job as an art teacher. Art teachers often need to have good drawing skills to be a good influence on kids. You may also need to consider developing other arty skills such as painting and sculpting.

Taking a degree in art and then chasing a teaching qualification

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