What is the Best Way to Monitor School Attendance During Distance Learning?

Written By Alla Levin
June 26, 2020

The Best Way to Monitor School Attendance During Distance Learning?

The global pandemic arrived completely unexpectedly, which means that most of us were not prepared for it. How can you be prepared for something like this? As a result, most businesses, organizations, and educational institutions had to switch to online or distance learning.

While the notion of distance learning is not new, lots of problems still arose as many colleges and universities were not ready to deal with all those technical issues that they faced, especially during the first few weeks of transition. As a result, some students decided to use the option to ask somebody to write my essay for me or not to attend classes at all.

Even though some students already know what to do after they type something like ‘need an essay written for me’ into the browser search and come across the desired result, monitoring class attendance has become a rather serious issue in which many colleges had no idea how to approach.

Here are a few effective ways to use, which will make the process of monitoring school attendance during distance learning so much easier.

SurveyWhat is the Best Way to Monitor School Attendance During Distance Learning

This is one of the easiest and most obvious ways professors can use it. Before the class starts, a survey is sent to students’ email addresses, and there is a limited time to fill it out.

This way, a professor will see who was actually waiting for a class to start and saw a new email with the survey in their inbox. Surely, the main drawback is that one has access to their email everywhere. So, they can still fill it out and get back to doing something else.

Thus, they will create the illusion of being in class while, in reality, a student will miss the class and will either google how to write a fast essay or make use of the write my essay for me services that are available online.

If you take a closer look at the ASU distance learning report, you will notice that almost all educational institutions have faced difficulties during this period. In case a university is not properly equipped, organizing distance learning and making this process comfortable for everyone involved gets much more difficult.

As a result, students either miss important information or get a bit lazy thinking they will figure out how to write an essay faster later on, or type ‘write my essay for me’ into the search bar and use one of the available options.


Activating chat is a better option when one needs to monitor school attendance. It is possible to program the software so that the online class can only start after a student chats to their professor and demonstrates that they are actually in attendance for that particular class.

Activating a camera to see that student is another technique that can be used. This way, there are more chances that students will actually pay more attention since they have made an effort to attend the online class. Thus, they will learn something, which means that they will not write my essay for my services so often.


This is probably the best available option at the moment as both these apps allow professors to see which students are actually in attendance and talk to them face to face. There is very little chance that students will leave after the class has started, which is why using Zoom or Skype has become a salvation for the majority of educational institutions that had no idea how distance learning is going to work.

Luckily, we live in a world where technology is rapidly evolving, so we have more options to connect with others. Zoom is also an effective tool for Cambridge University distance learning programs, and professors and students actively use it to attend classes online.

As a result, they do not miss anything from the curriculum and don’t have to figure out how to write an essay fast, while students from other colleges are so pressed for time that they are not sure whether they will submit their paper before the deadline. Cambridge University is very advanced when it comes to technology, so transitioning to distance learning was not a problem.

Filling out an online form

Filling out an online form is another idea which colleges and universities can implement when they need to monitor school attendance. Here’s how it can work: before a student gets access to an online class, they are asked to fill out an online form to show they are in attendance.

What is more, their online status in the system can be visible to their teacher. This way, professors will notice who decided to leave, lost internet connection, or experienced some technical difficulty.

Distance learning and the period of transition have been rather frustrating. As a result, some students lost motivation and needed to figure out how to write a fast essay to submit their paper within the specified deadline.

Yet, distance learning is also an opportunity to develop new skills, which is why it is so important for professors to monitor class attendance. They need to be certain their students make use of the new study options that are suddenly available to them online.

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