Looking for Ways to Leaner Muscles? 7 Tips You Must Try Out

Written By Alla Levin
February 17, 2020

Looking for Ways to Leaner Muscles?

If you are a workout fanatic and seem to be having a hard time getting leaner and stronger muscles, try implementing any of the following seven tips on your journey to become more shredded than ever before!

Consistent Workout Routine

For your body to register that it needs to use fat and convert it into energy takes time. This means that to achieve those lean, mean results, and you will have to work very consistently and as close to your ideal workout routine as possible to train your body to do what you need it to do to get leaner.

Leaner Muscles: Supplements Are Your FriendLeaner Muscles

Using workout or post-workout supplements is extremely helpful when becoming leaner and converting fat into energy quickly.

Often you will find the best time to take L Carnitine, or other supplements is after your workout. This is because your body is naturally in fat-burning mode, and increasing that ability through supplements heightens this process.

Nutrition is Key

There are many trending diets out there that work for some and not for others. Your personal diet can be healthy but still be different from another person’s “healthy diet“. This means that regardless of whether you are choosing a keto meal plan, whole 30, etc., the point is that you need to be in a caloric deficit to reach maximum leanness in muscle tone.

Additionally, regardless of the meal plan you prefer, you need to make sure you are eating clean, healthy, organic, nutrient-dense foods. If you do not supply your muscles with the necessary nutrients, your body will feel elevated fatigue levels.

This could increase the likelihood of you skipping workout days, which in turn means your shredded and lean muscles will take much longer to achieve. So, all in all, eat nutrient-rich foods from the produce isles and organic meat section.

Cardiocardiovascular exercise

Using cardiovascular exercise to ensure you are burning enough calories throughout the day that will result in a caloric deficit is ideal. However, you will likely hear people at the gym say that you do not need cardio to achieve these types of results and that you only need to use weight training exercises.

The issue with these statements is that this is not possible for everyone. Each body is different, which means that what works for you again, just like your diet, might not work for the next person. So how do you know if you are someone who requires cardiovascular exercises to achieve your desired physical results?

Well, if you find that you are consistently weight training, eating whole, healthy foods, and your calories are about as low as you can get them without crossing over to an unhealthy situation. It is time for you to start a cardio regimen.

You do not want to cross over and begin eating even less simply because someone has told you that you do not need to do cardio to get lean. Maintain the integrity of your workouts and your meal plan by sticking to healthy practices

Maintain Healthy Energy Levels

Maintaining healthy energy levels means that in addition to staying consistent with your meals and workouts, that you also need to place just as much emphasis on your sleeping schedule. During the nighttime, while you are sleeping, your muscles have the time to restore themselves. Likewise, your body needs time to replenish energy and repair damaged tissues.

As you continue to work out, your muscles will begin to grow, and to do that, they go through micro-tears. However, giving yourself and your body the time it needs to restore and repair itself after each workout is just as important as the workout itself.

Hydrate All Day

Your muscles will function best when hydrated. This is why it is critical to drink enough water, generally around two to three liters a day. Water does not only help in preventing dehydration, but it also helps to regulate your blood pressure. This means that the more water you drink, the less hard your heart has to work to maintain a normal blood pressure level.

Leaner Muscles: Do Not Overdo It!

Know your limits, and do not overdo them. It would help if you made sure that you understand that often people plateau in the process of becoming leaner. This is normal. However, it is equally important that you know what not to do during these situations in your fitness journey.

If you do not starve yourself in any way, this will not help you in the long run! Also, do not overdo it with your workouts, and think that just because you have plateaued that you need to work out twice as hard. This is not the case and could lead to injury. Stay consistent and make micro changes as you go through these stages to see what will kick start your body again.

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