Travel Packing Guide 2020 – The Ultimate List For A Great Trip

Written By Alla Levin
February 18, 2020

What I Pack For My Travels: Your 2020 Packing List Guide

When I go traveling, I always try to pack as light as possible whilst ensuring I have everything I could possibly need.

Sounds contradictive but it is actually pretty simple, I make sure I don’t duplicate the things I pack, obviously you will be taking more than one pair of socks… and I always make a checklist to work through where I can make sure I have the things I need, and I’m not taking unnecessary things with me.

Here are some items off my list, obviously there are more, but I know if I have these, I am good to go.

Travel Packing: Passport, Tickets& Travel Documents

These items are absolutely essential and without them, your trip is more than likely to be cut short.

I always make sure they are the first and last things on my list, check before I pack and check after, completely for my own for peace of mind, but these are essential items so don’t pass this one by.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a must when traveling, often you will find yourself in a location where you might be able to drink the water meaning you would be buying endless bottles of water, adding to the already unnecessary amount of plastic waste.

I find it really useful to take a bottle with a filter, so if you do run out you can fill it up without the worry of catching a stomach bug, or something more sinister.


Thin and light waterproofs will be a lifesaver as there is nothing worse than getting soaked through in a passing storm or shower then having to wear your wet clothes until you reach a hostel or hotel where you can dry off.

Hiking BootsPacking List

Like the waterproofs, these will also come in very handy. Find some that are comfortable and breathable as you are likely to be wearing them for long periods of time and depending on where you are traveling could be on your feet for long periods of time.


You will most likely be somewhere remote where some items are unavailable, I got myself some travel squeezy containers so I can use my toiletries from home which cuts down on having to buy extras and helps reduce my plastic use.


Be sure to take something casual and something formal, as you never know where you might end up or what events you may come across.

I always make sure to take some comfortable lounging clothes with me, like the personalised hoodie I got from Banana Moon when I went around East Asia in 2011.

It really pays to be comfortable when far away from your home comforts.

Cameratravel packing list

I used to carry an extra bag just for my camera, lenses, batteries and every other accessory needed to document my journey, but as smartphone technology has advanced I have found myself reaching for my camera less, instead grabbing my smartphone to quickly snap a picture to record the memory.

Passport, Tickets& Travel Documents

As I mentioned before, these are always first and last on my packing lists.

You should have enough inspiration to create your own packing list, but make sure to check that you still have your passport, tickets and travel documents.

If you have all these ticked off them chances are you are ready to go!

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