How Hurricane Glass Vases Can Add Personality To Any Space

Written By Alla Levin
February 18, 2020

How Hurricane Glass Vases Can Add Personality To Any Space

If you are an interior designer, a homemaker, or just a lover of all things beautiful, then you need a good eye for decorative pieces.

Some pieces of decoration can instantly switch up and add some spice and personality to any space.

A great example of such a piece is the hurricane glass vase. The hurricane glass vase is simple and unique but can beautify any target space when styled appropriately.

If you are wondering how to style these unique pieces, then you have come to the right place.

You can continue reading below for all you need to know about hurricane glass vase.

Why Is It Called A Hurricane Glass?

The traditional hurricane lamp inspired the looks of the Hurricane Glass Vase. If you are very conversant with the old-fashioned hurricane lamp, then you will know that it has a tall glass mounted on a base, and this is precisely what a hurricane glass vase looks like.

A Hurricane Glass vase is simply a cylindrical glass vase type with varying thicknesses.

It could be large or small, traditional-looking or modern-styled, colored, or with intricately cut patterns.

Whichever the case may be, a hurricane glass vase can be styled in different ways, adding some color, beauty, and personality to any space.

Ways In Which A Hurricane Glass Vase Can Add Personality To Any Space

For homemakers and interior decorators looking to make good use of their hurricane glass vase, here are some ways in which these unique glasses can add beauty and personality to any targeted space.

A Thanksgiving Style

Thanksgiving season decoration can be quite breathtaking if done right, with so much love and goodness in the air, the perfect decoration will put the icing on your Thanksgiving cake.

For starters, you can use the hurricane glass vase for a thanksgiving table décor by making use of some added thanksgiving related elements like pillar candles, pine cones, fall berry sprigs, and also corn.

To keep your Thanksgiving table warm and toasty in a beautiful way, use your hurricane glass vase and spice it up with various leaves like pumpkin carefully tied to a pillar candle.

You can also make use of acorns and corn sparingly. Make sure to scatter them at the base of the hurricane glass vase to serve as the base for your candles — a perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Hurricane Glass Vases: A Fun Fall

Looking for the perfect way to design your space in the spirit of the fall season? The all-season hurricane glass vase is always at your disposal to make your area an indoor fall haven.

Make use of seeds like bird seeds and small stones to form the base, and add little brown sticks for the entire setup.

How about a variety of seed displays in a hurricane glass vase? Fill up your hurricane vase with different seed types to add that fun fall sense with lots of colors.

All-Year-Round LookWhy Is It Called A Hurricane Glass

For a simple all-year-round look and personality, a hurricane glass vase can bring color and texture to space in addition to non-related nature items such as twigs, pine cones, rocks, and some greenery.

Add some dashing brightness to your space all year round with scented candle sets of your choice, and mash up different types like coffee and vanilla-scented candles to give your area a smooth and silky, aromatic combination of vanilla and coffee.

Add some light-like personality to your space with gemstones made out of dyed rock salt and candles, scented candles to filter your area while adding a precious and luxurious look to it. Or a sprinkle of bright colored flowers with sweet scents to brighten up your space all year round.

Themed Parties

Halloween parties, beach party themes, and fun parties can all be styled with the use of a hurricane glass vase and some other specific items.

For beach-themed parties, add some sand and seashells alongside a candle to add light touches, or make a full seashell and water look with a hurricane glass vase.

Halloween parties can be lit with mini-sized pumpkins and candles or varieties of candies to add color and taste to the decoration.

You can achieve a Valentine-themed look with love-shaped hearts and scented candles cutely placed in a hurricane glass vase.

Wedding Looks

Wedding looks are all about colorful and bright decorations that speak of love and a perfect union.

There is no better way to get that than to use bright and calm colored flowers and petals carefully arranged on stones with a candle to top in a hurricane glass vase.

Or make use of cream and white pillar candles with bling attachments wrapped around the hurricane glass vase itself to reflect the light.

Hurricane Glass Vases: Conclusion

As a decorative item, the hurricane glass vase is a timeless and seasonless item that one can use in several ways.

Seasonal looks such as Thanksgiving and day-to-day looks that will add personality and beauty to any required space at any time.

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