3 Tips for Taking Calm Focused Action

Written By Alla Levin
February 25, 2020
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Tips on How to Stay Calm, Taking Focused Action

It can be difficult to know how to act sometimes, with the different bits of advice out there ranging from “always take action as quickly as possible, no matter what,” on the one hand, and “go with the flow, just trust that everything will work out,” on the other hand.

Most people have some sense that the true answer lies a bit more in the middle.

That if you ever want to achieve anything significant in life you’ve got to take action, but that it should be calm, focused action, rather than reckless, anxious action.

Here are a few tips for taking calm, focused action more often in life.

Find the time and space for regular practices that help to center and relax you

“Calm” seems to be a rare commodity these days, with virtually everyone seemingly being caught up in a constant state of stress between work, lack of proper sleep, family and social obligations, and more.

If you want to take the kind of action that’s likely to have a positive impact, though, it’s important that you are able to take a deep breath and to act in a way that is not based on stress and fear but on a relaxed and positive outlook.

The first step is to find regular practices that help you center and calm yourself, in general.

These can include anything from reading a healing crystals guide and trying out some of the techniques yourself, reading or writing, to a guided meditation.

Either way, just begin finding gaps in your otherwise hectic routine that you can fill with moments of calm.

Always know what it is you should be doing at any one moment, and then focus wholeheartedly on that thing

Focusing on just one thing at a time is actually one of the greatest ways of helping to keep yourself calm, and to make your actions more grounded and effective, too.

Multitasking is rife these days, but research has found that not only does multitasking not make you more efficient, it actually makes you worse at the things you’re trying to do, while simultaneously making you more stressed and anxious.

Do one thing at a time, “mindfully,” and you will be more attentive to detail, more relaxed, and better able to act effectively.

Plan and organize things on paper, so that it’s easier to maintain perspective

One of the greatest exercises you could do for therapeutic purposes, as well as for increasing your productivity, is to simply sit down and plan and organize things on paper (especially if you’re using a good notebook system) so that it’s easier to maintain perspective on the bigger picture.

When you’ve got things planned out and written down in this way, your thoughts become more organized and less chaotic, and you’re more likely to have a clear sense of how you should act going forward – as opposed to feeling totally overwhelmed by the situations you are confronted by.

This, in turn, will tend to lead to calmer and more deliberate action, that yields better results, and that makes you feel more on top of things as a whole.

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