Interesting Branding Opportunities You Might Not Have Considered

Written By Alla Levin
February 27, 2020

Interesting Branding Opportunities You Might Not Have Considered

It is no surprise to anyone in business that you need to focus on making your brand stand out if you want the business itself to be as successful as possible.

As long as you have a brand that functions well, you can be sure that you are going to have much more of a chance of your business succeeding, and there is a good reason why so many people spend a lot of time on making their branding work well.

One of the main things is to consider many branding opportunities which you might not have thought of before, and keep expanding in that way.

Let’s take a look at some of them now.

Merchandisemerchandise as a branding tool

Of course, the idea of using merchandise as a branding tool is not itself that new, but what is new is the sense that you can do this with pretty much any kind of product that you can think of.

It doesn’t even necessarily need to be something that makes sense for the business and what your business produces – mostly what matters is mere that you are branding as successfully as possible by using as many kinds of merchandise as you can.

So you might think about putting your brand on everything from custom air fresheners, to buttons and furniture, wearables, and much more.

Street Art

Street ArtSometimes a really good way to get a brand out there is to find some way to infiltrate an existing cultural trend in some way.

A good example of this can be seen with street art, which you see everywhere and can essentially be used as a kind of billboard if you know how to approach it.

You will, of course, need to make sure that you keep it legal, which means having the permission of the owner of the space in question.

But all being above board, this is a wonderful way to ensure that you are going to get your brand out there much more successfully, so that is going to be an important step to consider.

Parody Social Media Accounts

Something that is becoming more popular as a branding tool in recent years is the use of social media in a kind of ironic sense to produce an apparent parody of your real social media account.

You can then relate with the two accounts back and forth, and create a funny dialogue that is nonetheless also heavily branded.

However, there is a caveat: while you want it to be fiction, you will actually have to make it clear somewhere that it is actually the business in question posing as a parody.

You don’t want to be accused of genuinely trying to mislead anyone, and it should be taken more as just a piece of fun that you are trying to engage in.

As long as you stretch out and consider a range of branding options, you should find that it is going to be much more successful for your business and that you will have a brighter future indeed.

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