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How To Effectively Use Infographics In Digital Marketing

According to research, almost 60 percent of the world’s population is into social media. That means you can reach 4.48 billion people through the power of the internet. Crazy, right? Nowadays, social media isn’t just popular for entertainment and fun. It’s also a powerful platform used to communicate, interact, and share information. Having a wider audience, companies see this as an opportunity to share their content and promote their brand.

There are many ways you could do this and many ideas you could use to promote something online, and one of those is what we call infographics, a visual way of sharing information and data with the public. Venngage, an official infographic maker website, guides individuals and provides thousands of infographic templates to make it easier for you to generate a professional-looking layout in a short period.

As you learn more about infographics and their benefits to digital marketing, we will also give you some helpful tips to effectively incorporate this tool into your plan.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the advertising of products, services, and brands online. This kind of marketing strategy lets you connect with potential customers around the globe using different forms of digital communication. Some examples are content marketing, social media marketing, pay per click and buying links. 

This marketing strategy also comes with a large set of advantages; it easily tracks and monitors your marketing progress and you can save money, reach customers around the globe, and allow to interact with your clients.

Use of Infographics in Digital Marketing

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Infographics are visual representations of massive data, information, and knowledge that can be easily digested and understood by your audience. It expresses content in a fun and compelling manner to make digital marketing fun and exciting.

A lot of individuals, organizations, and companies incorporate infographics in their online marketing strategies. The following are some of the uses of infographics in digital marketing:

  • Simplifies complex data, information, and topic;

Infographics help you summarize your data and display it in a way that your audience would easily absorb and understand.

  • Make an advertisement more interesting;

Using charts, diagrams, icons, and images to your layout and incorporating colors and beautiful designs can help you grab your audience’s attention.

  • Increases brand awareness;

Since many people are into social media, using infographics to promote your brand can help them understand what your company is all about without spending too much of your budget.

Tips for effective infographics

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For infographics to be effective, certain guidelines must be followed. Here are five foolproof tips to help you with that.

Keep it short and friendly

An advertisement should be brief and concise. Your goal is to deliver your message without taking up too much of your customer’s time. Make your infographic short yet informative by avoiding lengthy text and highlighting only important figures and information.

You should also maintain a friendly tone when communicating with your audience. Using the words you, we, I, and us increases the chance of engagement. Another helpful tip is to use simple and generic words to prevent confusion.

Use your customers’ success stories/testimonies

Conduct an online survey and ask your customers what they think about your brand. After collecting all the data, you can summarize and present it using graphs and charts to support your digital marketing infographic.

You also want to reach out to your audience and interact with them in a more personal manner. Conduct an interview and let them tell you their testimony and story about how your company changed or positively affected their lives. From there, you can quote their statements and incorporate them in your ad to make it more relatable and convincing to the public.

Use numbers

Let’s say you wanted to increase traffic for your client in the oral care industry. A dentist seo campaign using dental facts and numbers might just do the trick.

There’s nothing more convincing than using numbers in your marketing strategy. People often rely on facts and figures, so providing them with accurate numbers makes you a reliable and trustworthy advertiser. An infographic is actually a great tool for displaying numbers and values.

  • Simplify everything

Avoid having too much ruckus in your layout. Summarize lengthy statements, convert numbers into useful and suitable diagrams, and keep your infographic ideas to a minimum.

Stick to at least one or three colors that match your theme or brand, avoid using more than three fonts, and keep a white space for important information. Remember, less is more.

  •  Use the power of charts and graphs.

Charts and graphs are great presentation tools. They are used when explaining figures and trends that get a little too complicated. They are also great for comparing previous and recent data.

You can look for different infographic examples online to help you get an idea about what type of infographic would best suit your ad.

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Infographic marketing is indeed an effective way to promote your brand. It lets you unlock endless possibilities and create something that can truly help your digital marketing game.

With all this information and tips to guide you, you can now start your journey toward creating infographics and maximizing your marketing capabilities.

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