Ultimate Wedding Photography Tips 

Written By Alla Levin
February 27, 2020

Ultimate Wedding Photography Tips

The wedding day is an extremely stressful event, not only for the couple who is tying the knot but also for you as a photographer. Everything has to be perfect, as there’s no way of repeating it. And if you lose the memory card or accidentally delete some of the photos?

Let’s just say you’re going to be in big trouble. No matter if it’s your first time shooting a wedding, if you did it ten times, or if you did it a hundred times – there’s always something new that you can learn.

Extending your knowledge doesn’t hurt, and the things you discover along the way might be useful in your work. So, here are the ultimate wedding photography tips. Without any further ado, let’s get to it.

Tip 1: Create a list of shotsWedding Photography Tips 

One of the easiest ways of making sure that everything will turn out perfect is to create the so-called ‘Shot List.’ Ask the couple what kind of shots they would like to be taken, and make a list out of them – later on, you can just tick off the ones you already took.

You and the couple may have imagined how these shots will look like in a photo album or a photo book. Photobook is a great way to tell the couple’s story, and Printed Memories makes it a lot easier. That way, you can make sure that all of their wishes when it comes to their wedding photos would be granted. This method is very helpful when it comes to family shots.  

You can also look at photography blogs on sites like https://www.shootproof.com/ to get photo ideas for shots to take during weddings. After all, there’s nothing worse than looking through the wedding photos only to realize you haven’t taken a picture of the newlyweds with the grandma.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to use filters

There’s nothing wrong with adding a filter or changing the contrast in the photos, and it can actually help them. Of course, you shouldn’t use too many, as then people might think that you used them to hide some mistakes or things that you did wrong.

Besides, using too many filters might make the photo look fake. Remember – one or two is fine, and it’s perfectly okay to use them. So if you were debating whether you should use some of the wedding lightroom presets, the answer is ‘Go Ahead.’

Tip 3: Change Your Perspective

No one will tell you that you cannot get a little creative when taking shots of the wedding (unless the couple doesn’t want you to). Apart from taking regular shots, you can also try getting a few that are a little bit more ‘experimental.’ Try taking photos from down low, up high, or at wide angles. The results might surprise both you and the couple.

Tip 4: Continuous Shooting Mode

When photographing a wedding, it’s a good idea to switch your camera to continuous shooting mode. Sometimes it’s not the picture of everyone with formal poses that captures the moment, but the one right after when everyone is beginning to relax.

Tip 5: Shoot the small details

Apart from taking pictures of the guests, the couple, or the location, try taking photos of the details as well—the rings, the bride’s bouquet, shoes, table settings, etc. Adding the pictures of small details into a wedding album can help in giving it an extra dimension, making the bride and the groom remember the day as if they were experiencing it again.

If you are just starting, and you have no clue how to take this kind of shoot, you can always look through professional’s work like Avalon City Imaging or wedding or photography magazines for inspiration.

Tip 6: Always Be Prepared

Always be prepared. Since there are many things that could go wrong on the ‘Big Day,’ you need to be prepared for everything. Always have a backup plan. Think about what you can do if the weather would be terrible, charge the batteries, and always have some blank memory cards just in case.

Also, consider how much time it would take to get to different locations, and get familiar with the itinerary of the whole day, so you know what’ll be happening at what time. If you have the opportunity, go to the rehearsal dinner, as it would give you some ideas about the lighting and what kind of shots would be the best ones.

Bonus Tip: Be relaxed

Even though photographing a wedding is stressful, you should try to relax. After all, the ‘Big Day’ is all about the celebration of two people uniting into one. Remember that your stress might make the people you are photographing stressed as well. The best way to avoid that is by smiling at them. You will be surprised how much a smile can change what a person is feeling.

Final Thoughts

Truthfully, wedding photography is not easy. However, the good news is that if you learn how to take great wedding shots, you can transfer your knowledge to other photography fields. Wedding photography incorporates many genres, such as family and group photography, close-up images, portraiture, and more.

It’s especially useful if you are a freelancer, as when you don’t have any wedding to shoot, you can always offer other services. So now that you learned some of the wedding photography tips, all that is left to say is ‘Good Luck.’ And who knows – maybe you’ll start using some of them in your work.

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