What to Consider Before Putting Your House on the Market

Written By Alla Levin
February 28, 2020
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What to Consider Before Putting Your House on the Market

Are you ready to sell your house?

Unfortunately, the process is a lot more complicated than simply placing a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard and waiting for the offers to roll in.

There is plenty of preparation that goes into it long before you can actually get started.

Here are the most important factors to consider and how to take action.

Finding a Great Real Estate Agent

Finding an experienced real estate agent can be a long and arduous process.

This is because you will need to know that the person you hire is competent and that he or she is going to put your best interests above all else.

Don’t make the mistake of simply contacting the real estate agent whose details are printed on the most recent flyer you received in your postbox.

Ask around and speak to other people who have recently sold their home.

Enquire as to whether they were satisfied with the agent they used and endeavor to sit down and chat with at least two or three potential candidates.

The task of finding the right real estate agent should never be rushed.

He or she is going to be responsible for helping to secure you the best possible deal, after all!

Putting Your House on the Market: Maximize Your Curb Appeal

In order to entice potential buyers to come and view your home, you need to go the extra mile.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how spectacular it is inside if the exterior portion isn’t quite up to scratch.

Maximize curb appeal by focusing your efforts on treating your house to a fresh lick of paint — preferably something bright and eye-catching without being too flashy.

If the paint is still in relatively good condition, you can add some extra ‘oomph’ without spending too much money by simply painting your front door.

You should also dedicate some time to getting your yard looking manicured and properly cared for.

Planting some colorful flowers and pruning your trees and shrubs will go a long way.

And if you think that you can get away with not fixing up the roof, you will get caught out!

Specialists like Contractors Inc can ensure that your roof is safe and secure.

Curb appeal is about that first impression, but the entire property needs to scream “I’m pretty, but I’m able to withstand whatever is thrown at me!”

Don’t skip this bit, whatever you do!

Get Rid of Clutter

The goal for anyone who views your home is to be able to envision themselves living there.

This can prove difficult if there is a lot of clutter around. It can be challenging for people to take notice of the important aspects of the interior, such as the flooring and various other fittings if they are concealed by unnecessary clutter.

This is a problem because it is these aspects that will remain once your belongings are removed.

Many homeowners will opt to keep the majority of their decorative items — as well as anything that could cause ‘distractions’ — in storage until they are due to move out purely for this purpose.

It could help you to sell the house faster!

Keep it Neutral Putting Your House on the Market

While you will want to brighten things up on the exterior, you should strive to keep the rooms inside the home more neutral.

This can help to further depersonalize the space.

While you may adore your vibrant purple living room walls, they could mean the difference between a potential buyer putting in an offer or deciding to continue their search elsewhere!

The bottom line? Take your time and do it right. Getting a great deal on your home depends on it!

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