How Technology in Law Can Make Life Easier for Lawyers

Written By Alla Levin
March 03, 2020
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How Technology in Law Can Make Life Easier for Lawyers

As a legal professional, time and attention to detail is of the essence.

From client briefings to case research, many lawyers are relying on technology to promote more efficient operations by automating time-consuming tasks, reducing the risk of human error, and encouraging an overall higher quality of work.

Using software that already exists, nearly 23% of work that lawyers currently do manually, can be automated.

By leveraging current technology in law to operate more efficiently, lawyers can eliminate nearly a quarter of their day spent completing tasks specific to contract management or invoicing and dedicate their focus towards more productive efforts.

Contract Management

With the help of technology, many contract management programs have been developed to help oversee contracts across the entire industry.

From tracking changes to accessing documents after they’ve been signed, there are numerous ways that lawyers are benefiting from these advancements.

Beginning with the review, many legal professionals are using programs that proof documents by analyzing terms, references, and grammar, among other important details.

Not only will this help in reducing the number of errors that could be missed by the human eye, but it will reflect a level of quality and professionalism respected by clients and colleagues alike.

And as technology advances, so have the programs designed to help lawyers perform to their highest capabilities.

Using AI-powered tools, review contracts quicker and more accurately with tools designed to analyze information and identify any compliance issues or breach.

Save clients money and reduce hours spent scrutinizing over contracts using the assistance of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Eliminate Research Timecontract management programs

Technology is also changing the way lawyers conduct research, which up until now has remained one of the more time-consuming elements of the legal profession.

With data-powered analysis developed to support legal research, lawyers can spend less time preparing research with the help of AI subsets such as machine learning and natural language processors.

Save Time by Automating Tedious Tasks

With the revenue generated through billable hours, it’s important to prioritize time while also ensuring that each client receives the proper attention.

Technology designed to automate administrative tasks such as invoicing and managing expenses can help to improve workflow by shifting their focus from completing time-consuming tasks towards more productive efforts.

Manage and Organize Important DocumentsManage and Organize Important Documents

Faced with an overwhelming number of important documents, it can take lawyers a particularly long time to navigate through e-discovery.

With the help of systems that not only file but organize the information, lawyers can rely on technology to access the right document at just the right time.

With accessibility to contracts or case submissions that don’t require having to dig through hundreds, if not thousands of different files, lawyers can eliminate the stress of looking for the information they need and focus on dedicating their energy to working with the client.

Access and Exchange Information Securely

When confidentiality is of the utmost importance, it’s necessary that any information is shared and accessed securely, especially when exchanged through email or any other form requiring an internet connection.

To reduce the risk of information affected by theft, virus or other technological issues, lawyers can invest in technology that not only backs up information to a secure server but encrypts data so that It can be safely exchanged online.

Additionally, with so many hours spent traveling, lawyers need to be able to access information when away from their desks.

To avoid carrying around sensitive documents, all information can be uploaded to the cloud to be accessed and shared from any device and any location.

Securely access, transfer and update information while maximizing billable even when away from the office.

Advanced Technology in Law is Advancing the Legal ProfessionAdvanced Technology in Law is Advancing the Legal Profession

As a lawyer, it’s important to exercise the invaluable skills that have the power to change clients’ lives.

Technology is revolutionizing the way in which lawyers operate to promote increased productivity, efficiency, and professionalism.

From contract management to AI-assisted case research, technological advancements are benefiting the legal ecosystem and helping lawyers generate revenue by operating to their best abilities and giving their clients the attention, they deserve.

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