Technology Trends Impacting Our Lives in The Future

Written By Alla Levin
February 19, 2020
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10 Technology Trends That Will Impact our Lives The Future

Technology trends: as the 4th Industrial Revolution takes a full swing, technology is evolving faster than ever. Individuals and brands who don’t keep up with such trends risk being left behind. In 2021, the world definitely in for transformational changes that will undoubtedly impact our lives. Let’s explore some of the technology trends that will influence our lives, everything from Space exploration to blockchain technology courses.

Technology Trends: A.I. Breakthrough In Manufacturing SectorTechnology Trends

A.I. is currently the lifeline of the significant technological breakthrough due to device ecosystem emergence such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, among others. We expect that 2021 will be a year in which emotion recognition and computer vision will scale up, especially in manufacturing. For example, there are USA companies that have already embraced this technology in manufacturing, including Vicarious, Kindred, and Osaro. This trend is making the manufacturing process more comfortable and more precise.

Technology Trends: IoT Practical deployment

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Although a hot trend today, the IoT has not been as majorly applied as many predicted technology trends. However, with the coming of 5G, there could be an increased device connection and therefore increased application of IoT.

For Example:

The Amazon Go is a technology that uses the concept of IoT to help consumers shop without manual check out. The store is fitted with sensors and vision devices that scan the shopping activities.

Increased demand for edge computing processing powercomputing processing power

The year 2021 is expected to face higher demand for improved performance from edge computing hardware with better sensors, and larger A.I. models hit the market. There is going to be a high demand for inferring more data to make decisions without having to send it to the cloud.

We already have startups such as SambaNova, Graphcore, Wave Computing, and Syntiant that have developed chips to increased demand. There will be expected high-performing A.I. chips or neuromorphic/ brain chips that would imitate the structure of​the brain to handle top A.I. algorithms.

Large scale use and commercialization of quantum computing

2021 is a quantum computing dispensation. With the increasing use of data, there is going to high demand for quantum computing to solve the most significant challenges in health, energy, and other industries.

We expect that in 2020, quantum computing will be required to handle big data in areas such as cancer treatment, nuclear energy control, and DNA analysis, among other places. Today, IBM, Google, Alibaba, and other Corporations have moved into quantum computing. This technology will grow as it becomes easier to use platforms such as Amazon Web services.

Aerospace Evolution

In 2021, mankind is expected to begin the return to space. After the cold war, there have been slow technological advances that have slowed space exploration. But in 2021, companies are making aerospace advancements such as SpaceX and Blue Origin.

For example, SpaceX is expected to come up with a starship that is expected to shorten the intercontinental trips to 20-30 through space. China is among the countries that are aggressively advancing toward space exploration.

New internet —5G/Starlink broadband internet technology

There has been a notable 5G competition between the U.S. and China, which is expected to enter its full swing in 2020. The competition mainly seeks to determine who can propel 5G faster into consumer use. Leaving that, Starlink Broadband business is another trend planned by SpaceX. Approximately 2,500 satellites will be launched in 2020. Starlink’s broadband Internet system will grow with 12,00gh 2023, followed by the addition of 30,000 satellites.

All these advancements are starting out soon in 2021.

Evolution of health care

In the area of prevention, health care has seen much innovation. There are startups in the U.S., such as 23andMe and Color, which are leading in genome analysis. These companies use genome information to study diseases and provide the right prevention methods.

The quality of treatment is also expected to improve as A.I. improves. We expect to see MRI, CT scans, and X-rays be diagnosed through A.I., with Enlitic and Zebra Medical Vision being the leaders of this evolution.

Evolution in Agriculture Technology

Agriculture is one of the major sectors of the world, majorly tasked with feeding the world’s population. Therefore, researchers keep on seeking ways to grow crops much faster and efficiently.

For example, agricultural experts predict that in 2020 we will be monitoring crop growth through computer vision. Robots will be used to harvest fruits and crops. Indoor farming companies will also improve crop technology significantly, such as Bowery Farming in the U.S.

Evolution Of Autonomous Driving TechnologyAutonomous Driving Technology

Although not fully realized, autonomous driving is expected to become a reality by 2020. As a step towards level 5 Automotives, we already have Tesla cars that can be switched to autopilot while driving. This car, however, needs to be worked on as it still faces some limitations.

Moreover, technology is making detailed road conditions possible. We already have startups such as Prophesee, Perceptive Automata, and Humanising Autonomy standing out as leaders for these evolutions. Hopefully, they will realize fully level 5 cars in 2020.

Blockchain will be Put To Practical Use

As blockchain technology continues to dominate the market, payment-type venture companies and venture companies in security are gaining attention. Such companies include Chainalysis, which developed money laundering countermeasures.

It is expected that in 2020, companies will move towards blockchain to prevent information leakage and Internet fraud. Already, China has approved the use of blockchain in China Industrial and Commercial Bank, Alibaba Group, China Southern Airlines, etc. Bitcoin can be considered as good retirement savings.

Technology Trends: Conclusion

The above ten technologies are expected to change our lives much in the future. Despite workforce concerns brought about by the deployment of technology, 2021 is undeniably a year of great innovation as humankind appropriately leverages technology.

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