PCB Copper Weight – How To Apply Perfectly

Written By Alla Levin
March 04, 2020

PCB Copper Weight: How To Apply Perfectly

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are among some of the most complicated components of any electrical device. Many small things come together to create a properly functioning PCB. PCB copper weight is one of these many things that need to be completely understood and micromanaged when manufacturing PCBs. Because it is such a strong conductor, copper is one of the most significant components of a PCB.

If you don’t calculate and apply the weight of copper correctly, many things will go wrong. It can be very complicated to measure and calculate it. There is also a lot of information about the available one. This article will put all this information together.

Among the key subjects on PCB Copper Weight includePCB Copper Weight

  1. What is the weight of PCB copper?

This section briefly outlines two aspects of calculating the copper weight of PCB: understanding the grade and shape of copper, and the rest is the physical measurement involving copper itself.

2. Design Considerations With Heavy Copper: This section explores in detail how to use heavy copper to enhance PCB design.

3. Specifications: This section provides an in-depth introduction to the three “weight class” coppers: Standard Copper, Heavy Copper, EXTREME copper.

4. PCB Base Weight vs. Copper Plating Thickness: This section details the information about the copper plating process.

5. How is the Weight of the PCB Copper Finalized?  This section details the method of calculating the copper weight.

6. Heavy Copper and EXTREME Copper in PCB Design: This section focuses on the role of heavy-duty and EXTREME copper in PCB design.PCB Copper Weight

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