Safety Equipment And Procedures Could Save Your Business One Day

Written By Alla Levin
March 16, 2020

Safety Equipment And Procedures Could Save Your Business One Day

They say ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’. That may be true in show business, but not in the actual world of business.

Try telling that to BP after it’s horrible oil spill scandal or Huawei after it was found to have connections with the CCP.

Negative press really damages a brand and forever leaves a stain on its reputation.

That’s why you should try your best to implement safety policies that have a profound effect on how your business operates and is viewed by the public.

It’s not just the public you have to please, but your employees matter as well.

Manufacturing is a very challenging sector but the rate of safety equipment development in the past two decades has made it much safer. 

Confusion leads to panic

Something as simple as a fire drill must be rehearsed by your employees. No one should be confused as to what they need to do in the event of a natural disaster or fire.

When workers are trained and drilled to follow set procedures, confusion will replace the order. This will lead to panic and then chaos, which incurs to casualties.

However, you cannot and should not rely on managers to direct employees in the event of an evacuation.

Put up emergency exit signs at the appropriate points but also signs which point to the exits themselves.

It shouldn’t matter if employees are in the toilets or in a meeting room, there should be highly visible signs pointing to the exits.

In the event of smoke obscuring vision, managers should have access to glow sticks in order to be seen and direct employees towards safety.

Face masks and goggles may also be something to keep stored in and around the workspace.

Paying the price

Sustainable manufacturing is going to be the next hot topic in the world of business.

Everybody acknowledges that manufacturing is inherently messy and dirty, but eco-friendly movements and pressure groups are heavily influencing government policy.

Clean and or safe liquids only will be allowed to be interjected into the landscape while polluted waters will not.

If your business uses high-pressure equipment such as drills and saws, you will probably be using cooling liquids.

This can sometimes mix industrial oils with the cooling water or slurry.

Using Stainless Steel Extended Valves you can immediately separate any oil from the waste liquid which will be pumped into drainage or off for recycling.

The oil can then be cleaned and or sent off as hazardous waste. 

Employee satisfaction

An unsafe environment will often lead to employee court cases. Employees have the right to demand a safe environment in which to work but most often, they won’t take up the case with managers.

Don’t allow the lack of complaints to fool you into thinking the workplace is safe. Don’t be reactive, be proactive in your safety equipment choice and procedures. 

Highly visible exit signs should be placed in all rooms of your business, including the toilets.

Train your managers to use various safety equipment to direct and help your employees, in the event of a disaster occurring. 

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