Effective Use of Every Space in Your Home

Written By Alla Levin
March 18, 2020

Clear the Clutter: Effective Use of Every Space in Your Home

For those struggling with storage space, it can quickly look like you are want-to-be hoarders as piles of things start collecting in corners or in any spare space. Fortunately, with guides on how to clear clutter and get rid of the things that no longer bring you joy, there are plenty of ways to reduce the number of things you have. However, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds and many things you need to keep, either because they have a future use or because they are sentimental belongings that you have fond memories of.

When you’ve minimalized your belongings as much as possible but you are still struggling to find a space for everything and get everything in its space, it’s time to consider utilizing some underused areas in your home.

Under Stairs Spacesbuild dedicated storage

Under your stairs is probably one of the most widely underused spaces across homes in countries all over the globe. Many people consider this an unusable space but often because it seems like a cramped and dark space but in reality.

It’s the perfect place to hide away some storage boxes or even build dedicated storage that fits in the space snugly and allows you to easily access the full depth of the space with dedicated drawers. There isn’t much work required in transforming the space under your stairs into a storage area, just buying suitable storage to fit the space or creating a bespoke piece of furniture.

Basement Areas

Your basement area, unless it has been completed sealed or damp proofed, probably isn’t being used to its peak effectiveness. While there is definitely some investment required to transform your basement into fully usable space, it opens up much more than simple storage opportunities.

By having your basement sealed and waterproofed, either as a DIY project (by an experienced homeowner) or by utilizing your local basement tanking services in London or beyond. You can make use of the area as an extra bedroom complete with an ensuite bathroom or create an expansive living area or entertainment area for inviting guests and family around. Of course, not forgetting to add in some dedicated storage areas such as cupboards and overhead storage cabinets to solve your clutter problem.

Attic Rooms

Again, much like the basement, the attic is often an underused space that could add a lot more breathing room to your home. And you can definitely convert this area into a more usable space with the help of experts from Visionary Lofts.

Often tucked away up a drop-down ladder, your attic is usually a considerable amount of space that only gets used for tucking Christmas decorations away and could add a whole lot more value to your property.

Consider converting your attic space into a usable area, often measuring the entire footprint of your property with some sloped ceilings (the roof) it’s easier to add smaller cupboards along the floor while adding a couple more bedrooms, offices, or even another family bathroom to space. Make sure if you are adding water facilities that you get a booster pump where necessary as your water pressure may not be strong enough to carry water from the floor to the attic space.

Clear Clutter: The Expansive Outdoors

If your home is full to the brim and you are making effective use of all further spaces in your property, it’s time to consider how to make use of the outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have some garden space or a courtyard, you can invest in a long-lasting shed in metal or plastic. Better protected against the external elements, these types of storage facilities don’t have to be expensive and are available in a catalog of sizes to accommodate your storage needs.

Storage around your home shouldn’t be a case of hiding and seek so bring some sensibility to your storage and keep drawers labeled and similar belongings kept together, ensuring you aren’t misplacing items for months to come after a productive sort and tidy up!

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