Travel Together: Why You Should Travel With Partner Before Marriage

Written By Alla Levin
March 18, 2020

Travel Together: Traveling With Partner Before Marriage

Saying two simple words, ‘I DO’, can divide your life into before and after.

It might seem like not a big deal, especially if you two are already living together.

However, marriage requires you to be responsible for another person in every sense. As you can understand, it is a completely different level of the relationship.

How do you understand you are ready for a new chapter in your love life?

You can check how well you are prepared for marriage while traveling with your significant other.

Don’t invite your friends or family; just book a vacation for two. You will have a chance to get to know your partner on a deeper level. Are you still not convinced?

Here is a list of reasons why you should travel with your loved one before marriage:

Step outside of your comfort zone when travel together

Dating someone outside, travel together of their natural surroundings is a new experience.

You will have a chance to see how fast your partner can adapt.

Traveling to another country together will test your and your partner’s limits due to a significant number of new situations.

It’s better to see the real picture right now than after marriage.

Try new things in sex

According to experts at, traveling together leads to better sex due to novelty and the lack of distractions.

Your partner won’t be able to use excuses such as ‘I’m tired after work’ while on vacation, and you will be able to test your sexual compatibility.

If your sex life is not exciting even when you are far away from home, there is a chance that it won’t get better in the future.

Test your financial compatibility

While traveling, you will have a chance to see your partner’s spending pattern and check if it matches your own.

It’s important to take the financial compatibility test as a couple before getting married.

Having a common budget during vacation will help you understand whether you can be a great team together.

If you split costs 50/50 while being abroad, be prepared to do the same while being married.

Make memoriestravel together

If you decide to go on vacation with your partner, you will have an opportunity to make long-lasting memories.

Be creative as a couple – you can find your hidden place and pick ‘your song.’

This trip can also make your relationship stronger because traveling is a bonding experience in every case.

It can be an epic vacation you will be telling your future kids about.

So, do you still want to invite your friends for your next holiday trip?

Learn how to compromise

It’s perfectly fine to want different things from your vacation.

Your partner might want to stay on the beach, while you will want to be active and explore the city, for instance.

If you both agreed on the place of your vacation, it means that you already know how to compromise.

In case you have a problem finding a middle ground with your loved one, start an honest conversation.

You’d better practice it right now since a long=lasting marriage is all about compromise.

Tips for surviving your first vacation as a coupletogether travel

If you want to avoid misunderstandings, it’s better to make a plan before you travel.

Write a list of things you want to do while on vacation and ask your partner to do the same.

That’s how you can learn each other’s expectations before it’s too late.

Also, setting up a daily budget together will help you to avoid a fight due to different spending habits.

Other than that, remember that you don’t need to spend every minute together.

It’s totally fine if you stay on the beach to read a book, while your partner goes surfing.

However, try to devote more time to your partner than your phone.

And last but not least, try to get rid of high expectations. Some things will look not the way you want, and it’s ok.

Travel Together: The bottom line

Traveling with your partner is not only a fun experience, but it can also show you how long this relationship can last and if you both are ready for another chapter called marriage.

You should realize that this vacation might not go according to your plan. It’s life! In any case, try to stay positive and see good in every situation.

Even if you spend the whole vacation in your hotel room due to the flu, at least you will have a story to tell afterward!

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