Being Safe When Partaking on Vacation

Written By Alla Levin
August 09, 2019

Being Safe When Partaking on Vacation

If your much-needed vacation has arrived, you may be looking to relax, travel, and consume some high-quality herbs. But finding this treasure in a foreign land can be more complicated than you think. Don’t assume that the guy standing at the corner of a dark alley will have what you want. Approaching strangers can be dangerous and you’re also highly likely to be ripped off.

As a tourist, finding bud on the go is a strategic process. You need to understand how your vacation destination works, the local rules, and culture regarding cannabis, and how you can find the best suppliers. Consuming different strains of bud may also require a change in portions or habits. Here are some tips on how you can safely find and consume cannabis on vacation.

Don’t Ask For Bud From Strangersconsume cannabis on vacation.

Approaching someone you don’t know and asking for weed is a no-no. You may end up being ripped off, or even worse, stolen from. The best approach is to try and find a local who can guide you in locating a dealer. Hotel staff, nearby shop owners, or college students can be an excellent resource in a foreign land.

Your people skills can also help you find bud in the right places. Know how to approach your target and offer something in return (such as a drink). After having a conversation, you can then proceed to ask where you can get your own stash.

Use Technology To Helphigh quality bud.

The Internet has made is easier for potheads to find their dosage of heavenly goods. Rather than doing random Google searches, try to narrow down to specific websites, social media pages, and forums.

Start your search early and ask friends who may have been to your destination before. In this way, you’ll be able to plan your approach and find a trustworthy contact. This is also a convenient way of landing some high quality bud. The last thing you’d want is to end up with grams of poor quality stash during your vacation.

Partaking on Vacation: Understand Local Pot Lawslanding some high quality bud

Not all tourist destinations are friendly to foreigners smoking pot. While Europe and South America are easier to navigate, many Asian and some African countries view cannabis in a negative light.

There may be stiff penalties (and even potential jail time) when looking for or consuming pot in such areas. Instead of arousing a diplomatic row on your vacation, start by looking into local pot laws.

Some destinations will require you to be very discreet in your search, while the trouble may not be worth it in other locations. If you’re a stoner, you may prefer planning your vacation in pot-friendly areas such as Colorado, Seattle, Barcelona, and Mexico.

Tourist cities in such places are easier to navigate when looking for some quality bud. Check here in case you are curious if weed is legal in the UK.

Look for busy areas and go outside a bit late- when families are tucking in for bed. It helps a great deal to have a local (whom you trust) with you to remain safe during your shopping spree.

Don’t Smoke Too Much

partaking on vacation

If you find a tourist haven with endless stashes of weed, you may get the temptation of overindulging. Besides, many states in the U.S still make it difficult to smoke to your satisfaction. Regardless of your newfound freedom, avoid getting too high while on holiday. Smoking over the limit will limit your vacation fun.

Partaking on Vacation: Be Discreet

You’re probably aware that not everyone is a huge fan of the heavy smell of pot. Just because people are selling it on street corners in your tourist haven, doesn’t mean that all the locals are looking forward to being clouded in smoke.

Partaking in public places is also illegal across most of the world. This means that parks, sidewalks, and nature trails are all out of limits- and you’ll be indulging at your own risk. To avoid unwanted trouble, keep your hobby as discreet as possible.

Finding the best cannabis while away from home can be tricky. This is why you should plan ahead by finding the right contacts, learning about your destination, and befriending trustworthy locals during your trip. Good luck and be safe!

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