The Best Casino Drinks to Order

Written By Frankie Wilde | A Content Writer at Various Gambling Sites
March 30, 2020
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The Best Casino Drinks to Order

Enjoying your favorite pastime wouldn’t be interesting if one is not allowed to double up his pleasure by adding some tasty treats into the mix. When a man is playing his games, he needs his real self-time and his real favorite drink he can casually sip and fill all night long and it is doesn’t matter is he playing in Las Vegas or aud casino. Whether one prefers easy cocktails or a glass of Hennessy on rocks, we can add a few suggestions on the menu that will add some flavor to your gameplay.

Best Casino Drinks: Dry Martini

Gin might feel strong to some folks, but that is what makes it a perfect ingredient for cocktails, as one can ease its heavy flavor with almost anything. Adding just a few drops of vermouth is what converts any excess of savouriness into the dry stinging sensation that keeps you focused during a pokie tournament or when you play in the nye casinoer.

Old FashionedOld Fashioned

This is one special drink reserved primarily for those old-school players who earned their stripes playing in regular casinos. Now, they play online while reminiscing those glory days while sipping some whiskey sprinkled with tasty mashed sugar and embellished with an orange slice.


It is a favorite choice for most casual drinkers as it comes in various sorts and flavors. It can be boiled and spiced or served cold with some cheese and crackers. It sure brings some touch of elegance to the table while waiting for that river card to show up.

Gin and TonicGin and Tonic

We already discussed dry Martini, but for those not inclined toward vermouth, tonic might do the job in good flavor adjustment. That raspy bubbly feeling just melts on your tongue while that sound of bursting bubbles sends a breeze of freshness through the air. A perfect drink for some late-night blackjack session.


Let’s presume that you were saving one of these bottles for any special occasion like hitting a jackpot, for example. Let’s also presume that one is collected his jackpot with no wagering casino requirements because otherwise, it wouldn’t be that fun. Now, he can open his bottle of champagne and celebrate like a boss.

Tequilano wagering casino

If you like to play contests while enjoying your casino games, here is one idea. Try taking a shot of tequila every time you win some amount while playing slots. On a bad night, one may get by with a few shots, but on a good night- better to have some spare bottle with a few lemons and some salt included.

Bloody Mary

If we are to match cocktails with some corresponding game, we would suggest that this drink goes perfectly with playing slot machines. It just fits the image of an island paradise theme and a sunset over the horizon. Tomato juice has never been put to better use before this cocktail was invented.

Conclusionplaying online

Your drink represents who you are, your personality, and your attitude. It reveals your character, so be careful what you order while playing poker, as it may be your secret tell. When playing online, one doesn’t have to worry about giving away his tell, so he can just relax while quenching his thirst with his favorite drink.

Frankie Wilde
Frankie Wilde

Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites.

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