Inexpensive and Family Friendly Gift Ideas for Cops

Written By Alla Levin
April 03, 2020
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Inexpensive and Family Friendly Gift Ideas for Cops

Is your relative or friend a police officer? Here are some of the inexpensive, family-friendly, and great gifts for police officers. Imagine life without police officers. With nobody around to enforce the rules of society, the bad guys in it would run rampant. Instead, the police are the proverbial ‘good guys’ of the world.

The 900,000 sworn officers in the US dedicate their lives to protect and serve. They hit the streets and put their lives on the line to keep us safe. We all owe a debt of gratitude to our boys and girls in blue.

Offering gifts is a great way to show appreciation for their sacrifice. The trickier part is deciding on gift ideas for cops that they’d use, love, and hold dear. Are you looking for a selection of inexpensive, family-friendly, and thoughtful gifts for the officers in your life? We can help. Read on for 8 awesome gift ideas that every cop’s sure to love.

 Gift Ideas for Cops: Police Badge Insulated Travel MugInexpensive and Family Friendly Gift Ideas for Cops

Sometimes the best gifts are practical in nature. They’re the ones you can use daily that make your life that much easier. An insulated travel mug from is a perfect example of one such gift. Police officers are busy people.

They’re on the go at all times, working all hours of the day and night. Having a hot coffee to sip on throughout the shift can make a big difference! It can lift morale, restore focus, and provide some comfort in the tough moments. Of course, drinking it from a mug with a police badge on the front would be the cherry on top.

Gift Ideas for Cops: Customized Police Badge Whiskey Set Customized Police Badge Whiskey Set

Let’s face it: Policing is a tough job. Long shifts are spent out in communities witnessing and dealing with heinous acts and crimes. It’s important to be able to compartmentalize and shut off when they come home. Does the police officer in your life have a love for fine spirits?

Having a nice dram of whiskey to sip will help take the edge off! You can find all manner of beautiful whiskey sets out there. However, you could go a step further and have the set customized somehow. For example, you could have the glass tumbler, or the whiskey box itself, engraved with a police badge. This would add an extra level of thoughtfulness that they’re sure to appreciate.

Engraved Beer GlassEngraved Beer Glass

Not every police officer loves their whiskey. And not everybody has the cash to spend on a fancy whiskey set! An engraved beer glass provides a happy solution to both problems. Almost everybody loves a cold one at the end of a long, hard day.

The only thing better would be drinking it from a personalized beer glass that’s been given to you by a loved one. You could have the glass engraved with whatever you like. However, it makes sense to do something police-related, right? You could put a police badge on the front or their badge number. The result is a special gift (that isn’t too expensive) that any officer is sure to love.

Police Challenge Coins

Police challenge coins are the perfect gifts for officers, new and old alike. Thoughtful, inexpensive, and steeped in tradition, they’ll be happily received by anybody in the force. These attractive coins come in various styles and have been given to police officers for generations.

They’re symbolic of the service and sacrifice made by everybody who takes this path. Just like the badge, challenges coins are a sign of the police brother and sisterhood. Challenge coins represent the role and cultivate a sense of camaraderie around it.

Car Seat OrganizerCar Seat Organizer

Know a police officer who loves to stay organized? Well, a car seat organizer would make the perfect present for them. These handy items fit over the seat headrest and store everything and anything you need them to.

Everything from notebooks and documents to torches and walkie-talkies can easily be stowed away. The mass of pockets and compartments mean the squad car will never be a mess again!

Personalized Thin Blue Line Wooden SignPersonalized Thin Blue Line Wooden Sign

Thoughtful gifts for cops don’t get much better than thin blue line wooden signs. You can find them from a variety of suppliers. However, most are hand-crafted from high-quality, visually appealing wood.

On the front, you’ll see an American flag with the signature blue line of the police running horizontally through its center. This is one gift that’s packed full of meaning. The sign is sure to be put in a place of pride in an officer’s home. They can look at it and feel proud of their service, remembering their fallen comrades in the process.

A Hidden Police Badge Wallet

All police officers need something in which to store their badge. Why not purchase them a wallet that has that functionality? Maybe their current badge holder is getting old or is no longer fit-for-purpose.

Either way, this is another example of a useful gift that’ll provide significant value to their life. A badge-holding wallet kills two birds with one stone: They’ll have money, bank cards, and ID in there as anybody else would. But then, when called upon, they’d be able to open it up to reveal their badge. It’s sure to come in handy in both their work and personal lives.

Waterproof Notebook SetGift Ideas for Cops

A waterproof notebook is our final suggestion for you. Few gifts for police officers will get quite as much use as this one! After all, every cop needs a notebook to write the details of interactions/crimes that happen on patrol.

But taking notes is easier said than done when it’s pouring with rain. The paper breaks, the pen stops working, and the notes get lost. That’s not a problem when you’re using a waterproof notebook set, though. The paper’s designed to withstand the rain and the pen’s designed to write on it. It’s sure to make the life of any police officer easier as a result.

Enjoy These Gift Ideas for Cops

Are you on the hunt for gift ideas for cops? We hope the suggestions on this list will help you find the best present possible! Want to read more articles like this one? Search ‘gifts’ on the website now.

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