Holiday Gift Guide or How to Choose the Best Gift for Him.

Written By Alla Levin
December 20, 2015
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Gifts for Men Holiday Gift Guide

I know that Christmas Holidays are just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to find the last-minute Christmas gifts for man. I am totally the last minute person especially if we are talking about presents for boyfriend, colleague, friend, father, brother or husband.

The other words I have a tough time chasing the best gift ideas for him. But before we start it would be very good to know at least something about his hobbies and the lifestyle. Would not hurt to know the dislikes as well. So many hints you can get out from this knowledge and to choose the best gift for him. 

As it turned out in anticipation of the holidays almost all the people are concerned about the same issue of what to give your loved one this year. For most of us it has become a real problem. Today I have decided to help you to solve this problem and share with you my.

10 Simple and Easy Christmas Gift Ideas That Men Want.

As you know the most comfortable place to choose the gifts for men are online and offline stores and shops. So many options but the most important is to get the idea of a present. So let’s get started!

Gift Idea № 1 – Gadgets for Every Taste

We live in a digital age. I am more than sure that your man is proud of been good at all things digital. So no doubts a modern gadget will be a perfect gift for him. There are plenty of options.

It can be a lot: the external battery for the I Phone and Android, digital clock, ashtray which detects smoke… The choice depends on the preferences of the man. I would go for a portable battery charger to keep busy man’s device always powered.


Gift Idea № 2 – Appropriate Accessory

A correctly chosen accessory can become a great gift for men. It can be a stylish belt, glasses or comfortable gloves. The main thing is to remember that you do not choose an accessory for yourself but the man. Therefore it is necessary to take into consideration his preferences in style and his life beliefs.


Gift Idea № 3 – Tea Story

A Tea – for many people this is not just a drink, but the whole tradition. Surprisingly quite often, those who pay considerable attention to the tea drinking and consider it as a meaningful ceremony are men.

If your beloved one is a tea connoisseur, it is apparent that he will be overjoyed, opening a gift with a set of excellent tea. Would be reasonably sophisticated to choose a game that includes different types of tea.

I think the best selection of tea you can find at I have purchased a drink on this website recently. Now it’s my favorite place for shopping, and as it turned out a, it is a source of good ideas for the gifts.

The-Tao-of-Tea- Organic-iherb

Gift Idea № 4 – Book Story

The book has always been considered as the best gift since I can remember myself. Of course, that`s in case your man loves to read. Honestly saying modern readers prefer e-books instead of paper books due to its practicality. But still, the paper book is a classic thing.

You always can give him a Collector’s edition, or a rare book copy of his favorite author. Or it can be the bright album with photographs of the popular and modern photographer. Believe me, even if he has plenty of books in his digital library, he would be very happy to look through the paper pages of a new book.


Gift Idea № 5 – Bright Impressions

Who said that a gift should always be in a physical form. Positive, amazing and more powerful emotions quite often we get when we do interesting and unpredictable stuff – traveling, for instance. So, as an idea, you can easily give a present for him a horse ride adventure or a trip to some interesting destination.

The journey, of course, is not the cheapest option, but definitely, it can surprise everyone. If he is the adventure lover it will be a distinctly good present choice. Go to Florida for instance, why not to see the Disneyland? You can save on tickets by purchasing them online on one of the popular website


Gift Idea № 6 – Funny and Interesting Message

Of course, at first glance, it may seem so cliche to give him a T-shirt or a cup with a funny photo or double meaning message, especially if you already have done it before. But today, there are so many options where this funny and interesting photos and messages you can actually place.

Your ideas can be applied not only to the familiar objects. For example, for a beer lover, you can give a beer mug with a few of his photos on it. Another cool idea is to give him a pillow with a funny illustration. As for me, I would go for a pillow at


Gift Idea № 7 – Practical and Useful Thing

Men think differently than women and they always go for something practical and useful instead of beautiful and pretty. So, a good quality warm scarf that will warm him during cold winter or a thermos, which he can take with him going fishing can definitely make him happy.

Another cool and practical idea is to give him handmade natural fur slippers. I found those on Etsy and I am sure that it is an excellent, unusual but practical and valuable present for him.


Gift Idea № 8 – Trendy Perfumes

I know it seems too much clishe to think about a perfume as a gift for him, but it is a successful choice. Despite the fact that modern men have learned by themselves how to pick and buy perfumes, many of them are still waiting to receive a good quality and smelling nice perfume in a gift.

Let’s be honest, only a woman is able to carefully track all the trendy perfume industry news. Even if she is not the best at it, every woman knows what is the best perfume on the market. I am sure that he does not mind to get a fresh and trendy perfume that will make him stand out from the crowd.


Gift Idea № 9 – Gift Certificate

This option is perfect if you don’t know enough about the person who you going to bless with a present. For example, you want to give him a sweater, or an accessory for the car or even an SPA session, but you have no idea what exactly will make him happy and what on earth he what he wants – gift certificate is perfect!

In this case, the best is just to go to the nearest store and get a gift certificate. With this certificate he can choose the most suitable gift. Amazon Gift Card is a perfect choice!


Gift Idea № 10 – Do something by Yourself 

Last but not least is to do something by yourself. It can be an accessory for a Christmas tree, a nice drawing, a postcard or even an anything you do the best. It will cost almost nothing but will be definitely the most expensive gift – as you will put a piece of your bright soul inside!handmade-gift-heart

I wish you a great Holidays and do not forget to add your ideas in the comments below.

Thank you very much 😉

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