The Growth And Spread Of Mobile Casino Games

Written By Brian Hardy
April 15, 2020
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The Growth And Spread Of Mobile Casino Games

The growth of mobile gaming as a whole has been nothing short of phenomenal – from the classic snake on our old Nokia, to the full-length feature games available to our modern smartphones.

But at the center of this growth are the mobile casinos that capture millions of users.

We have seen initiatives such as Gamstop within the UK to try and prevent or reduce the numbers of problem gamblers within the country, but as a number of casinos not registered with gamestop continue to operate options are still available to many – we also see a spread of casino styled features into other games too.

What has caused this growth?

The forefront of this can be contributed to the ease of accessibility – one of the bigger hurdles to gaming as a whole comes from the ease of entrance, perhaps you need a certain console or certain hardware, but all of us have our smartphones which typically at this point have the same hardware within.

This combined with our ever-increasing connectivity has given the mobile gaming, and mobile casino industry a huge platform for growth – this increased interest has also attracted a lot of investor opportunity – as more money is pushed toward mobile gaming as a whole, the interest in pushing these games forward comes along with it.

Our changing social habits have also been a driving factor here – we like to connect with our friends and share what we’re doing, many apps also giving live updates on what we’re watching or what we’re listening to, and mobile casinos have definitely been able to take advantage of this.

Giving the option to share a recent win, or recommend a friend to gain a free spin or some other benefit encourages users to share more and to get other friends involved, and it just cascades from there. The use of social media for users to promote the games they play themselves is definitely a huge reason why these games have spread in the way they have.

The spread of mobile casino

We’re also seeing a spread of mega888 apk mobile casino-styled mechanics into larger multiplayer games too, and sometimes to a little criticism. We’ve seen popular games such as Counter-Strike receive some pressure to change their loot box system away from a rolling visual with clicking sound-styled slot machine reward systems through fears it may promote gambling to the younger audiences. One thing for certain, however, is that mobile casinos are here to stay and will continue to grow in popularity.

Our newer mobile devices are being designed with this form of content consumption in mind, bigger screens with brighter colors and longer battery life will lend themselves to longer gaming and viewing hours on our mobile devices.

As the casinos also implement newer features that we’ve been seeing in recent years such as live dealers in card games to feed more into the social aspect of gambling, we may see a reduction in visitors to the brick and mortar counterparts.

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