Brain Exercises: Ways Playing Card Games to Improve Your Life

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September 29, 2018

Brain Exercises: Ways Playing Card Games to Improve Your Life

More than just fun, learning to play card games can improve your life. Read on to discover five unexpected ways playing cards improves your life.

If you hate squats, then there’s some amazing news for you. Many health experts state that taking care of your brain can be more influential on your overall health than going to the gym.

Giving your brain a daily workout can lower your risk of developing dementia, fight depression, and improve your cognitive skills.

When you think of mental exercise, infuriating sudokus or boring math problems may come to mind. Did you know that you can flex your brain while having a blast? This article will walk you through the 5 health benefits of playing cards.

Relieve Stress by Playing Cards

Playing card games can be cathartic, especially for people who are prone to anxiety. Focusing your mental efforts on abiding by the rules of a card game can shift your thoughts away from being harmful.

Cards are also an affordable hobby that can be done anywhere at any time. You don’t even need a physical set of playing cards. If you’re always on the go or have social anxiety, there are tons of free online games for you. One fan favorite is online Baccarat. You can have all the fun of a wild night in Vegas without the risk of losing money.

Brain Exercises: Improve Memory

People do cardio and lift weights to maintain a youthful appearance. Exercising your hippocampus, or the memory warehouse of your brain, is a great way to slow down your mental aging and take care of your mental wellbeing.

Card matching is one of the best games for firing up your brainpower.

Boost Hand Mobility and ReflexesBrain Exercises

We use our excellent motor skills every day when we type, cook, eat, dress, and more. Keeping your hands dexterous is essential for daily life.

Shuffling the cards in a deck and playing games that require speed can sharpen your reflexes, coordination, and hand muscles.

Bond With Others

Whether you play face to face or chat with other players online, some friendly competition can boost your mood and help you feel connected to others. Many card games like Uno and Old Maid are silly, meaning you’ll spend much of your time laughing. Learning how to be a humble winner and a gracious loser can also help build respect for your friendships.

If you have picky friends who have difficulty agreeing on one activity, don’t worry. There’s a game for all kinds of personalities. Check out this list of card games for inspiration.

Get Better at Math and Reasoning

Why settle for daily math exercises to keep your brain sharp when you can play a fun game that sneaks math into it?

Poker cards can also help with your reasoning skills and learning how to read faces. No matter which game you choose, your brain will stay busy behind the scenes while you have a good time.

Want More Cool Facts and Tips?

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