Tips for Capturing Better Stock Images

Written By Alla Levin
April 15, 2020

8 No-Nonsense Tips for Capturing Better Stock Images

Photography has its different genres, and in every genre, there are nuances that you have to consider to capture images that suit it.

You have to study your genre of choice to know and master the specific styles and techniques used by photographers of that category. And this is especially true when it comes to stock photography.

Stock photography is an excellent way for both amateur and professional photographers to generate income or even build a career.

But submitting your work to stock photography agencies is not easy because there are stringent guidelines that your photos need to go through before it can be accepted.

So, you need to follow these tips to shoot better stock images and boost your chances of getting your work accepted.

Look for Photography Inspiration in the Work of Others Capturing Stock Imagesgetty images free photos

For sure, you have already heard the timeless phrase “standing in the shoulders of giants.” Well, in stock photography, it’s a must to take these words of wisdom into the heart.

It’s because there’s so much to learn about this craft when you look for inspiration in the works of others.

You can learn about styles and techniques just by downloading and studying the photos taken by seasoned photographers at stock photography websites like Getty Images.

Check this out and know how to download getty images free if you want to discover some stock photography inspiration.

Take Some Time for Research

Your potential success in stock photography isn’t only determined by shooting quality pictures, but also capturing photos that cater to the needs of business marketers.

Indeed, this genre is all about balancing art and business and taking interesting yet useful images.

Stock photography agencies surely have tons of photos in their archives. So, do your research and provide what’s missing in the agency’s website to whom you’re submitting your work.

For instance, you can browse through the photos in their websites to determine if the ones you’re sending are unique from the stock images available there.

Put Your Feet on an Advertiser’s Shoes

Advertising is one of the primary purposes of stock images. So, you have to wire your thinking to the mind of advertisers when they’re looking for stock photos that may be suitable for their projects.

Ask yourself if your pictures are useful to them or whether they fulfill a particular need.

Make sure that there isn’t another brand in the image and leave room for text or what-not that might be added to the picture.

Focus on a Particular Subject

It’s better to focus on a specific subject than uploading many different types of pictures to stock photography websites.

In this way, you can increase your chances of getting attention or turning buyers into loyal customers.

Find Even the Tiniest Issues and Lose Them

Before you submit your photos to a stock photography website, you should see to it that they are all perfect.

Enlarge the pictures to full size to see any issues clearly.

Always remember that even the tiniest imperfections can break your chances of getting your work accepted.

Also, you need to get rid of clutter when framing a shot to ensure that your subject is the main focus of the photo.

Eliminate anything that can distract viewers away from the photo subject.

Shoot from Different AnglesCapturing Stock Images

You have to try different angles when shooting images intended for stock photography.

For instance, a buyer might like the picture of a boxer walking out into the ring, but really interested in the gloves the boxer is wearing.

So, make sure that you know how to shoot photos from different perspectives.

Capture High-Resolution Images

Many buyers of stock photos want high-res images so that they can edit and utilize them according to their needs.

So, don’t forget to capture photos in large and high resolution to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Invest in Essential Photography Equipment

You have to invest in necessary photography equipment to take quality photos. Of course, the camera is the main thing that you need to buy.

Make sure to buy one that has some incredible features and capabilities.

Then, look for camera accessories. Memory cards, neutral density filters, tripods are essential accessories that your camera needs.

Having the necessary photography equipment can help to be an effective and versatile photographer.

Capturing Stock Images: Takeaway

Being a stock photographer can provide you an opportunity of earning some money while doing what you love.

However, you have to study and master this craft before you can become successful.

Have a good start by following the tips mentioned in this article.

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