Why Classic Slots Continue to Win Over Players

Written By Alla Levin
April 16, 2020

How Online Casinos Continue to Win Over Players

Online gambling has been around for quite some time.

Since 1994, the growth and evolution of the industry have resulted in a variety of different forms of casino games, from the classics to video slots, progressive and bonus varieties.

https://www.forbes.com/ noted the possibility for online casinos getting their own cryptocurrency.

Whilst the blossoming of new technology has massively enhanced the customer experience, classic games, even in a digital format, have remained a firm favorite amongst fans and helped online casinos to outperform their physical counterparts.

Liking what we know, knowing what we like

The history of online gambling, as shown by this https://www.medium.com/ article, is a story of rapid change and innovation.

From the land-based ‘one-armed bandits’ that many gamblers are familiar with – a mainstay in physical casinos – the online world has rapidly begun to translate those environments to the digital format.

While much has changed for casinos, some of the most popular games, like classic slots, have largely remained unchanged during the digital makeover.

For example, https://slottyvegas.com/en/ examined the ways that classic slots stick to simple rules that maximize accessibility, which has made them suitable candidates for online gaming.

Without flashy features such as bonus rounds, and keeping to the classic structure of three reels and single paylines, their retro offerings stand them apart from the more colorful, new casino games.

Video slots, for example, can have in excess of 1,000 different pay lines, as well as progressive jackpots.

Even the imagery used in classic slots tends to be toned down, sticking to archetypal casino symbols, like fruit imagery and cartoon numbers.

Online casinos continue to draw in new users despite a relatively short lifespan compared to their predecessors – and that staying power comes down to several factors.

One and all

The range of unique features, from supercharged winnings to colorful videos and thousands of pay lines, are a fantastic way of increasing the fun for an experienced casino player.

However, online casinos have been careful to try and offer an un-intimidating experience, sticking to rules a beginner can follow and that translates well to mobile applications, smaller screens, and limited playing times, facilitating ‘on-the-go’ usage.

Online casino games, available to play anytime and anywhere, benefit from those simple structures and visuals, without confusing new players, or overloading mobile devices.

The good old ways

Although it is harder to statistically calculate, the nostalgia factor is likely a big player in why people are turning to online casinos over physical ones.

While digital casinos are flourishing due to their accessibility, and are now, without a doubt considered an industry trend, as shown by https://www.internetvibes.net/ – the popularity amongst the games themselves tells a different story.

For the same reason that football fans might dislike VAR, a sense of familiarity and simplicity helps offer something truly accessible and nostalgic for users that delivers the enjoyment they found in real casinos, in a technological format.

A sign of the times

The online casino industry has really benefitted from technology in increasing the ways to win, the now-varied platforms for enjoyment users can experience, and the access to the platforms as a whole.

However, technology is not about changing the games themselves, as users clearly have an appreciation for easy access and tactile mobile technology experiences – as highlighted by https://www.internetvibes.net/.

However, the classics that these casinos offer are the main reason they can attract new users.

As long as people are playing, factors like nostalgia and simplicity will help new technology to continue to penetrate and enhance the casino industry.

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