The Importance of a Studing Artificial Intelligence In School?

Written By Alla Levin
April 16, 2020
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Why Is It Important to Study Artificial Intelligence In School?

The impact of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning on our daily life is gradually increasing.

AI is a quickly developing field, with crucial industries relying on it.

Some of us remember the times when AI was starting to become a big deal.

However, our children were born in the age when its presence is more widespread.

Experts from Inside-Tech share their reasons why children should learn about AI at school.

Over the last 4 years, AI implementation increased by 270 percent. By 2021, 80 percent of emerging technologies will rely on it.

AI is here to stay, and children can be easily educated about it by means of showing them tools that facilitate learning.

AI can enhance the whole educational experience for both students and teachers.

By stepping in to automate administrative tasks, it will give teachers more time to spend with children who need their assistance. AI can also support them outside the classroom due to tutoring and studying programs.

What’s more, it has the potential to provide students with universal access to education. Students who know about the benefits and use of AI can then move on to learning how programs and machines process data.

That can potentially lead them to coding and creating their own algorithms.

This digital proficiency is extremely useful in problem-solving in computational terms.

It will be crucial when they enter the workforce, as most systems will by then rely on AI. They’ll be valuable workers, ready to contribute to society, as it changes due to the impact of AI.

AI is no longer a sci-fi dream. It’s our reality and will continue to affect other aspects of our lives.

It’s essential to keep our children up to date and help them learn skills they’ll definitely need in the future.

That’s a responsible step we should take to help them thrive in their adulthood.

Study Artificial Intelligence In SchoolStudy Artificial Intelligence In School

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