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Q&A: Breaking Essay Writing for Students 

To make a change in the student’s learning experience and give them a boost with their studies, a professional writer will answer some of the common questions that stop students from writing good essays. 

Here is Phil Collins, a top academic paper writer from EssayService, using his knowledge and experience to help students get better at their studies with essay writing for students. 

What makes a good essay structure?

Phil: “If you want to know how to structure an essay properly, you need to read the guidelines on academic writing provided by your university. But usually, all essays follow pretty much the same structure:

  1. Introduction (where you have to introduce your topic and give a brief overview of what your essay is going to be about; make sure to finish your introduction with a strong thesis statement to make it evident that you conducted enough research to make your arguments);
  2. Essay body (it usually consists of several passages or even pages, depending on how big your essay is; here you have to elaborate on your thesis statement, mention your arguments and provide sufficient evidence from scholarly sources to support your claims);
  3. Conclusion (where you have to summarize the “learnings” of your essay and mention the main points of your arguments; it is important to remember that you should never introduce any new information in this part of your essay).

Now, this is a very basic structure, but following it will make your essay writing process much easier, no matter what kind of paper you are working on.” 

What is a good essay writing?What is a good essay writing

Phil: “Good essay writing primarily has to be something original.

Although you do need to conduct extensive research and synthesize a lot of sources to make your arguments, professors always want students to come up with something innovative, show their unique thinking and prove that they can create something original, rather than retelling the information they found in reliable sources.

Speaking your own mind will always be highly appreciated and give you more chances to get a high grade, even if some other aspects of your paper were not perfect. 

Good essay writing is also about following the rules. You need to know what academic language is about, what sentence structure works best in essays, etc.

Furthermore, you need to know how to use external sources and how to cite them properly. Otherwise, you can get points deducted or even accused of plagiarism.

Giving credit to the people whose ideas you use in your paper is crucial if you want your essay to get a good mark.”

How to focus on writing an essay?How to focus on writing an essay

Phil: “Eliminate your distractions. Essay writing is usually quite a time-consuming process, which is daunting to some students, it makes them procrastinate, and they can’t focus on writing their essays.

If this situation sounds familiar to you and you have the same problem, be mindful of it. Confront yourself. What is it that stops you from focusing on your essay?

In many cases, it is going to be social media channels. I would highly recommend to turn all of your notifications off and even to put your phone on mute for it not to distract you.

After that, you can set yourself some deadlines like “finish the essay by 5 pm and then go to the gym”. 

Your problem might also be about the fact that you lack relevant references and cannot focus because you don’t really know what to write.

If that is the case, it means you have to invest much more time into researching your topic and generating arguments.

When you have done enough research, you will easily focus on your essay.”

What to do when feeling emotionally-paralyzed about writing an essay?What to do when feeling emotionally-paralyzed about writing an essay

Phil: “Feeling emotionally-paralyzed when writing your essay indicates that you are somewhat confused and don’t have a clear structure in your head.

You don’t know the writing process and are not sure how to make each step. It is also possible that you are just afraid to fail. You can’t start because you don’t want to make a mistake. 

You need to understand that making mistakes is inevitable when it comes to studying and writing essays.

But mistakes and feedback are the two greatest sources that can give you an excellent learning boost and make it clear what you are doing wrong or right.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake, embrace the experience, and take it as a new chance to learn something new. 

When you are done with managing your emotions, start drafting a plan. Write down each step you need to take to write a good essay. You can even google it.

There are plenty of articles that will tell you exactly what the steps should be like.

When you have a clear plan in your head, essay writing for students will be much easier.”

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