How Best To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test  

Written By Alla Levin
May 15, 2020

How Best To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test

So you’ve had a hectic weekend, the festival was epic, your mates were full-on, and you had the time of your life. This was the last big shebang before getting back to reality and hitting the 9-5 train of the workweek, the only problem is you had ‘serious’ fun with your friends and traces of that may still be, and is most likely, still in your system.

And you have an interview in a week.

How do you get rid of the evidence floating around in your body? Then you ask, and some might respond that there is no way this, however, is not true. There are a few tried and tested methods, many of which have been successful and some of which we will discuss briefly in this article.

To cut right to the chase, though, you can click here for an exciting read and an in-depth understanding of the variety of processes. Let’s start by discussing what marijuana is, it’s the flower of the popular cannabis Sativa plant, it is essentially dried and either smoked as a hand-rolled cigarette or in what’s known as a bong or water pipe.

The plant has become increasingly versatile in the food and beverage industry, being incorporated into baked goods as well as infusions of tea and, with its natural medicinal properties that are so sought after, being used to treat and manage ailments that chemically-based prescriptions don’t seem to be helping.

3 Reasons why people need to rid their system of ‘weed’

3 Reasons why people need to rid their system of ‘weed’
3 Reasons why people need to rid their system of ‘weed’
  • The biggest factor when it comes to looking for a quick fix or detox option, either due to employment opportunities such as interviews or practicals or the new boss in town has implemented drug tests starting next week.
  • You landed your dream job but didn’t realize that a physical examination clearance was necessary for securing the job and the final stage of the hiring process. Being able to pass a fitness test is usually a small feat for you, so one weekend of partying will not stand in your way of climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Blood donation. Your half-yearly ‘giving of blood’ appointment is coming up, and helping others with clean blood is more important than any ‘joint’ or ‘hit’ could offer. A great piece of information can be read in this blog, grab a cup of tea, and take a minute to learn more about the topic.

Ways to clean your body of the green herbHow Best To Pass A Marijuana Drug Test  

If you have time to kill and are just looking to do a full-body cleanse, then the body will naturally flush out any traces of drugs within 4-6 weeks; there is no need for meds or purifying drinks, and you simply go about your daily life getting cleaner, and cleaner as you go on. Win-win.

Then, if you are like some of my friends who like to live life to the fullest and be back at work come Monday, time is not on your side and you need supplementary assistance to get the ball rolling quick sticks, this is where products come into play. Depending on the type of test being done will also determine how best to flush the system; a urine test is best conquered by drinking what they call a THC flush drink.

Taken at least 2 hours before the test and having urinated at least three times after ingesting to dilute the system of drug metabolites, you should then easily pass the test before the effects wear off and the metabolites start to re-emerge in the urine.

If all else fails there is synthetic urine you can purchase and heat to temperature with a heating pad, the only tricky part would be hiding it on you to pass as your own.

To hear what others did to pass their tests, check out this article on how to pass a drug test by users who needed to get clean and fast. We all enjoy a good night out, letting a simple ‘wee on a stick’ moment ruin that shouldn’t be an issue.

Living your best life while smirking at the new kid on the block boss trying to make a name for himself with random drug tests is worth every minute.

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