Best Business Ideas to Make Money in 2020
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Best Business Ideas to Make Money in 2020

Business Ideas? If you’re looking for ways to prove your hidden talents this year, why not consider starting your own business? Freelancing is easier now than ever as there are plenty of online platforms to facilitate contact with clients whatever your field. Here are seven best business ideas for making money in 2020.


Dropshipping is perfect for those who want to sell products online but don’t have the resources to buy and store inventory. If you want to downsize your expenses, you could look for places online to sell your business and reopen with a dropshipping company. 

The idea of dropshipping is to make eCommerce easier by outsourcing the fulfillment process to third parties.  Run your online store by collaborating with partners who will take care of all the storage, packing, and shipping for you all around the world.  Amazon also offers this service through its FBA campaign, or check out the best drop shipping companies for your eCommerce in 2020.

Cateringmeal-kit industry

Many catering and delivery services have come about during the lockdown period because people rely on takeout more than ever. The meal-kit industry has really taken off, and small businesses are providing the ingredients and recipes for customers to cook at home as well.

If you have a talent for cooking and an interest in food, why not consider a home-based catering service? Create a website and start by advertising locally. Try and find a USP such as investing in locally sourced ingredients or a diet or health angle. It’s up to you, follow your passions to find an idea to make your business unique.

Virtual AssistantVirtual Assistant

Many businesses are outsourcing their assistant and receptionist services nowadays. By working as a virtual assistant, you’d be providing these services remotely, and you can work for different companies.

If you have administration experience and good IT skills, this could help you make money in 2020. There are several platforms that employers and assistants use to get in touch, making it easier to find work.

You can look for clients online using the top ten virtual assistant platforms this year. It’s a growing business as it saves companies money to outsource assistant duties rather than paying a full-time staff member. 

Online Tutoringbenefits to online tutoring

If you have teaching experience but would prefer to work remotely, online tutoring could work for you. It’s flexible and well-paid. Many school students are used to learning at home or online. There are plenty of resources for teaching online, whatever your subject.

There are many benefits to online tutoring. eLearning has transformed the way students absorb information and complete their work. It provides supplementary skills and gives students and teachers the flexibility to choose a timetable. Many parents are opting for online tutoring, and you can find clients through online platforms.

SEO and Digital MarketingBest Business Ideas to Make Money in 2020

Many companies are looking for expert digital marketing services for their business. If you have a talent for web design and SEO, you could consider getting a qualification in digital marketing and offer your services.

Here are some ways to make money from SEO almost immediately. You could work as a freelance consultant and make the most of online platforms to find your clients. If you’re an expert in how SEO works then, you’ll know it’s difficult to appear at the top of the search engines. Online platforms such as Upwork will be the go-to for most businesses.

Online Video ContentBest Business Ideas

If you’re a talented filmmaker or into design, then creating engaging video content could be a lucrative business. There’s been increased video content consumption because internet users enjoy it, and businesses use it to engage with customers.

Things like video tutorials on websites and webinars are increasing in popularity. If you would like to pursue a career in video, then you’ll need to invest in software. You can brush up your skills by checking out some of the best apps for filmmakers. Some of the more high-end editing software include Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

Business Ideas: Software SupportBusiness Ideas

If you have experience or knowledge in particular software or apps, you could provide consulting services and support.  Many people are looking to improve their digital skills, so it’s in demand.

Software people are after support include WordPress, Microsoft Office, and InstagramYou can offer online sessions to individuals and businesses and work as a freelancer. You could consider becoming a virtual trainer and helping clients upskill and boost their careers. There are several options in this field to make money in 2020. 

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