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Written By Alla Levin
June 22, 2020
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Business Registration Search: How To Get Information On a Company Online

A company’s information comprises all the essential details of a company.

This includes the name of the establishment, the address of the company, the products the company sells or the services it renders, financial details, as well as many other details that may be important or useful to the targeted audience.

A brief history of the company is another information that can be drafted. 

This information is usually drafted due to the government rules or laws, for shareholders of the company or potential suppliers or customers.

However, depending on the type of company, the information provided can be brief or very detailed. 

The internet today has transformed every area of the world.

The world of business is not left out; the internet has played a major role in improving business and every business in the world today with the intention to sell their products or services far and wide cannot achieve this without the use of the internet.

The internet has also made the collection of data and spreading information today easier.

This means, to find information about a company, you don’t need to leave the safety of your comfort, you can research a company or find information just by sitting on your desk or couch at home.

Below are some places or sites online you can find information on a company.

Below are some of the places or sites you can find information on companies online:

Business Registration Search: The Company’s Website

If a company has a website, data such as financials and other details might be available, especially in the investor relations section of the website.

It could also be an entirely different website dedicated to the company. However, the parent website is likely to have all the information you need.

Also, the information you will get on the website depends on whether the company is a privately owned company or a public liability company.

Private companies are most likely not to provide full financial information in comparison to public Liability companies that are mandated to publish their financial information.

Nevertheless, have it in mind that companies’ websites are mainly to glorify the company and advertise their goods and services.

With this, be critical of all the information you get on a company’s website.

Google News

Google news is a very decent way to find information about a company online. By using google news, you will be exposed to news articles that could prove relevant to the coma you wish you to research. 

Some of the information you will find on Google news includes the company’s financials, press releases, pending litigation, amongst others.

Furthermore, articles that are provided on google news will have up-to-date details about the executives/directors of the company. 

Google News does not function as a review site. Nevertheless, it comes as a great place to find information online. 

AeroLeads make company online

This online platform digs deep into the internet to extract the information you will need on a company.

This is a feat that makes Aero leads stand out from the rest of other websites on this list.

Information on a company such as phone numbers, emails, as well as many other details you might need.

The site utilizes the use of artificial intelligence that helps to provide you with the information you need 

AeroLeads goes a step further other than just scouring out information for you. The site possesses a B2B software tool.

This software tool functions to ensure that the information extracted is very accurate and up-to-date.

Once this is done, the software then transfers the data into your sales CRM.

Reporting AccountsReporting Accounts

This free app to be used mostly only in the United Kingdom.

On this platform, there are no company financial records in the United Kingdom that Reporting Accounts cannot provide, and these key financials come graphed.

Important financial information such as director’s records, the companies registration records are instantly available at your fingertips (at no charges).

Using company check, you can research as many companies as you wish to with this online platform having no limited number of searches you are entitled to perform.

Nevertheless, as I have mentioned before, this platform works for companies based only in the United Kingdom.

GlassDoor business registration search

Glassdoor provides users with a different range of valuable resources. This is a unique online website that could prove very useful in your information hunt.

The information generated on this platform is gotten directly from contacts of the company you wish to research; its platform is referred to as an “employee-generated” content website. 

Glassdoor can also help you find any connection to the companies you are researching on the searcher’s friends on Facebook.

The aim of this is to enable you to have personal contact with people/persons who can provide you with information to help you determine if the company you’re researching is your best bet. 

Linkedinbusiness registration search

This is a platform that’s very popular throughout the IT industry.

This platform has a search feature that enables the members to search a company using different criteria such as the employment opportunities available, the size of the company, the location, etc.

However, you can not find user-based company reviews on Linkedin. Just recently, this platform has become one of the major and biggest B2B databases in the world. 

Corporate information 

This site is one of the major and largest leading sites for related industry applicable for competitive examination and getting research information on over 38,000 major public companies in over seventy-five states. 

On this site, users can find corporate profiles, global business news, company information on the companies in the United States (state-by-state), reports specific only to one industry, and a list of the directors of international companies. You can also research individual companies, a country’s industries, and have a country researched too.


This site offers charts, news, quotes, fundamentals, portfolio tracking, as well as analysis on monetary markets all over the world for integration in an economic portal.

You will be able to get data on the recent buying and selling as well as a catalog of institutional stockholders.  

All you just have to do is enter the company’s name, and you will have access to complete data or information on directors or executives, analysts’ reports, and industry news. 

Below are some tools to use in finding Company information doing your business registration search: 

  •   Hunter
  •   AeroLeads
  •   Lusha
  •   Linkedin Sales Navigator 
  •   Snov

Getting information on a company is necessary and it is very important to do business registration search.

It enables you to be aware of what your competitors in your line of business are up to, and it also helps you to make sound judgments when trying to make investments or give a loan.

Therefore, the need for research in business cannot be overstated. 

However, getting information on a company should be done frequently; it shouldn’t be a one-time affair. Therefore, you should make sure your database is updated from time to time.

This is because a company that has ten thousand turnovers this year could become a multi-billion empire within a couple of years and vice-versa.

All the information you will need for your research can be gathered online using the sites provided for you above.

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