5 Tips to Help as You Change Careers in Your 30s

Written By Alla Levin
June 23, 2020

Tips to Help as You Change Careers in Your 30s

Most people when they get to 30, feel the need to have a career change.

However, leaving behind everything to start a new career is easier said than done.

You might think, is it irresponsible of me? Is it insane? Or should I choose to try it out no matter what the society thinks?

Today, these shifts are becoming more normal as many people around their 30s are frequently changing their careers.

Either it is just as an interest to change or they have already decided to change.

If you are wondering if you should change careers in your 30s, and you have no idea what you should do.

Below are some reasons to consider if you want to change careers in your 30s.

Know the “why”

When you visit a blog like huffpost and gone through some articles, you will come to know there are many whys as to why people have had a career change in their 30s.

However, everyone’s why is very personal and you have to face it. The “why” will also help you figure out an answer to give your surprised coworkers, concerned parents, and shocked friends.

Most importantly, your “why” is of more benefit to you, but that does not mean that you should take it lightly.

Also, the “why,” will help you a lot when you hit any road bumps ahead in your new career.

Understand the language Tips to Help as You Change Careers in Your 30s

If you mastering the language of your new career is a challenge. It is best to understand it and grow into it with time. Since you did not spend many years in this career, you can slowly learn the language in use.

Not that you do not know anything, but of course there is a new language that you can blend with the approaches and principles that you have learned as they are useful as they are relevant.

So, you just have to use them in your new career. Be familiar with the job description in the part of the industry that interests you to see the keywords that interest you.

Also, check through any blogs and podcasts if there are any thought leaders in the new field that you intend to join to get more information.

Be connected

Anyone wanting to change their careers in their 30s, a connection is everything. You need effective networking to get familiar with what the career you’re going to entails.

Thus, it is not something that you do as a by the way.

So, when you connect with the right people who are already in the field you want to venture, it will help you successfully launch in a second career or languishing in job board limbo.

Even when you do not know anyone, ask for introductions through who you already know, and it will amaze you how professionals are connected.

Know the trade-offs Know the trade-offs 

It is important to understand the various stereotypes that involve having a career change in your 30s. Especially the most common one, that it is too late to try something new.

Yet, you have at least another 30 productive years ahead of you. This and all other stereotypes are an honest way to let you know that you will have to make sacrifices.

For instance, you have to think about your financial reserves and lifestyle choices, among other things.

However, all the tradeoffs that are involved to be successful in your career should not be a discouragement from pursuing the dream of your new career.

Change Careers in Your 30s: Focus on your strengths and experiences

You must leverage your strengths and experiences. As in most instances, when you are a beginner in something new to you.

You might feel intimidated as you have much to learn, and you feel like a first-grader among high school graduates.

In case this is how you feel, focus on transferable experiences that are valuable and how you can leverage them in your new field.

Although it may seem a challenge at first, everything will fall into place after some time.

So, do a full inventory of the professional experience you have learned so far, and you will be thankful for how they will help get the dots to connect.

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