10 Outstanding Cart Abandonment Email Examples to Inspire You

Written By Kevin George | Head of Marketing at Email Uplers
July 24, 2020
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Cart Abandonment Email Examples to Inspire You

Do you know the average cart abandonment rate is 67.91%? This means that every 60 to 80 potential customers out of 100 will leave your website without purchasing.

And if that’s not enough, a huge $4.6 trillion worth of merchandise is abandoned every year.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that cart abandonment issues can cut any business in the bottom line.

If you are facing similar issues as a marketer, it is high time you manage your abandoned carts by retargeting your lost customers while remarketing your business in an effective way.

While 40% of cart abandonment emails are opened, the average conversion rate for such emails is 4.64%.

Hence, if you leverage cart abandonment emails the right way, it can help you spruce up your business seamlessly with cart abandonment email examples.

Cart Abandonment Email Examples: What is a Cart Abandonment Email?

Before moving ahead with the nitty-gritty of cart abandonment emails, let’s find out what it is all about.

Cart abandonment emails work as automated reminders that are sent to such customers who added an item in their cart but didn’t complete the purchase.

These emails give a friendly nudge and remind the customer about the items left in the cart while providing them with an easy way to close the purchase.

At times, marketers also provide such customers with exclusive offers and discounts to win them back.

What are the reasons for cart abandonment?What are the reasons for cart abandonment

In order to make your cart abandonment emails work, it becomes imperative to know the reason behind it.

Simply put, you can give a solution only when you know the root cause of the problem.

So, let’s take a look at the various reasons that compel potential customers to abandon their shopping carts.

Cart Abandonment Email Examples:

Indecisiveness to purchase

A large number of cart abandonment takes place because the potential customers are not ready to make a purchase. A lot of such customers visit e-commerce websites to window shop while exploring different options.

High additional cost

Even if a potential shopper visits an e-commerce website with an intent to buy, they might abandon their cart before moving towards checkout because of high shipping and handling costs.

Account creation

Long and complex check out processes also instigate potential customers to abandon their carts.

Also, creating an account to complete the purchase can be tiresome for many. So, it becomes critical to streamline the whole process and delete all the unnecessary pages.

You can do so by offering a guest check out option.

Security concerns

If your potential customers have a doubt regarding your payment gateway security, the chances of them abandoning their carts become high.

Hence, in order to garner their trust, make sure you display the trust seals to prove their card details won’t be compromised.

According to a Conversion Fanatics Study, incorporating a trust seal accelerates conversions by 28.2% amidst new customers.

Slow delivery and poor return policy

Once a customer has ordered something, they want to stay informed, track the delivery progress, change their delivery preferences, and more.

In addition, they also expect a flexible return policy. Therefore, if your business has a slow delivery or poor return policy, your customers might abandon their cart based on their past shopping experience.

Hence, make it a point to improve your delivery speed while being flexible and reliable.

Lack of payment method

It is important for a website to offer varied options for payment. According to a study by Vouchercloud, 59% of potential customers abandon their carts if their preferred payment method isn’t available.

Complicated site navigation

Difficult site navigation is a major reason for cart abandonment. Simply put, the higher the clicks required, the greater are the chances of a customer leaving their cart. So, try keeping your website navigation simple with three essential steps – select a product, add to cart, and press the check out button. Further, your e-commerce website should have easy-to-recognize categories along with an easy site to cart transition and simple product organization.

Heavy load time

E-commerce sites are image-heavy, which slows down the load time, thereby leading to high cart abandonment rates.

However, you can improve the load time of your website by resizing or compressing your images.

Ten impeccable cart abandonment emails to inspire you

Now, since you know the basics about cart abandonment emails, let’s look at some of the best examples of cart abandonment emails.

It will inspire you along with giving cues for designing a perfect cart abandonment email template for your subscribers.

Amazoncart abandonment email template design of Amazon

This cart abandonment email template design of Amazon is worth taking inspiration from.

It comes straight to the point and reminds the customer what they were shopping for.

Including a photo of the product left in the cart is a good way of reminding the customer to complete the purchase.

In addition, they have also added the link to the product to help the customer head straight to the checkout process, thereby making the whole purchase process smooth and seamless for the customer.

Cart Abandonment Email Examples: AsosAsos

Asos also comes up with great abandoned cart HTML email templates. Take a look below.

Their headline and email copy are top-notch with a hint of quirkiness and humor. It also has a picture of the item, just like Amazon, to refresh the buyer’s memory with a visually appealing image.

Asos also goes a step ahead and allures its customers with a free delivery and easy returns option, thereby maximizing the chances of conversion.


If you want to make your cart abandonment email fun, you can take some cues from the email template design of Barkbox

See how it has made excellent use of a GIF where an ecstatic dog is receiving an order.

The GIF isn’t only relevant to the brand content but also has the ability to garner a customer’s attention.

Also, the cute email copy that reads “show your dog some rut” is something no dog lover can ignore.

The two identical CTAs are also smartly placed to entice the customer to go ahead with the purchase.

GlossierCart Abandonment Email Examples

We don’t often see brands being upfront about an email being automated.

However, Glossier does it like a pro in its abandoned cart email while mentioning the triggered email thing in a playful language. Take a look.

Also, the email copy is short, precise, and to the point along with an eye-catching brand image. Further, you can’t miss the amusing CTA that reads “GET BACK IN THERE.”


J.Crew takes a simple approach in its abandoned cart email example.

From the words ” SHOPPING BAG”  written in caps lock to a huge picture of the item in the cart, J.Crew does a great job of reminding potential customers about their cart.

Also, the line “nice pick, btw” works as a positive reinforcement for the shoppers and appeals to them to move forward.

Further, J.Crew goes a step ahead and encourages customers to check other items put on sale too.

Whiskey LootCart Abandonment Email Examples

If you are looking for a unique and engaging cart abandonment email copy, all you need to do is take some inspiration from Whiskey Loot.

From including a list of reasons to buy their whiskey to providing answers to frequently asked questions, it does it all to make every information clear for the potential customer, thereby helping them complete the purchase in a smooth way.

Also, they have kept the design simple to draw the subscriber’s attention to the CTA.

PeelCart Abandonment Email Examples

We all know how to offers and discounts entice customers. See how Peel does a great job by incorporating free shipping offers in their cart abandonment email.

By giving their customers free shipping on orders above $49, Peel isn’t only encouraging the customer to complete their existing order but also providing them with incentives for adding more items to the cart and proceeding towards check out.


The cart abandonment email from Dyson has all the right elements while having a sleek, clean, and easy to read email design.

They use clear and helpful text such as “All is not lost” and “We saved the contents” in their email copy.

In addition, they also try to leverage the “FOMO” (fear of missing out) by adding a sense of urgency in their text “Your basket for this promotion was saved, but the offer is only for a limited time.”

Further, they have also smartly included the reasons to shop at Dyson at the bottom of the email.

It is a great way of instilling a sense of trust within customers and accelerating their chances of conversions.

CasperCart Abandonment Email

At times, people abandon their carts because they haven’t completed their research.

That’s why feedback and reviews are a great way of increasing a brand’s credibility.

This is exactly what Casper does in their cart abandonment email. See how they make use of social proof to help customers complete their research regarding the brand.

Source: Really Good Emails

Also, Casper does a good job of enticing its customers through a quirky email copy along with clear CTAs.


Ugmonk takes a simple yet the most preferred approach for its cart abandonment email by putting its focus on personalization.

After all, 90% of customers find marketing content personalization appealing. See how Ugmonks use personalization in their email copy like a pro.

From using the first name of the subscriber to making the whole email copy sound like a personal conversation between the owner and customer, Ugmonk tries to reach out to their customers directly.

In addition, they have also included two inline CTAs to encourage customers to complete their purchases instantly.

Source: Really Good Emails

Cart Abandonment Email Examples: Wrap up

Cart abandonment emails are all you need to drive your conversions to new heights by recovering the cart abandoners.

The above-mentioned email template examples will inspire you to create your own high converting abandoned cart emails.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your cart abandonment strategy today.

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