Legal Aid Solicitors in London

Written By Alla Levin
July 31, 2020
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Legal Aid Solicitors in London

Finding a legal aid lawyer can be an exhausting and time-consuming process if you don’t have any experience or support with the process, especially in a city as large and busy as London.

No matter what you might need a lawyer for, from divorce proceedings to criminal cases, there should be someone practicing law in London that can help you benefit from legal aid.

Legal aid lawyers focus on expanding the reach of justice and ensuring that anyone can access the full support of a highly trained professional solicitor, regardless of personal situation or finances.

The prospect of looking for a lawyer who offers legal aid services can be an intimidating one, but having the best legal support can make an incredible difference to both the chances of your case and your own mental health and stress levels.

Fortunately, London is a city filled with legal representatives of all specializations and practices.

No matter your situation or financial position, you should be able to find the perfect lawyer for your needs, including one who offers legal aid services.

As long as you are willing to put in a little research, you should be able to find a professional solicitor specializing in whatever you need!

Finding Legal Aid Solicitors in LondonFinding Legal Aid Solicitors in London

If you are dependent on legal aid for your case, the range of solicitors available to you will be more limited.

That does not have to be a problem, though; it essentially means that the shortlisting process has been done for you!

There are a large number of lawyers in London that offer legal aid services.

It should be easy to find one that specializes in whatever area of the law covers your particular personal situation, no matter what form of legal aid and representation you need. 

When it comes to finding solicitors that offer legal aid services in the London area, your best starting point will be to search for testimonials online.

Even when you narrow the field down to only legal aid solicitors, there are still many practicing lawyers in London, and choosing one can take a long time.

It is worth putting the effort in to find the best lawyer for your particular situation. However, having a good lawyer can make an enormous difference in the success of your case.

The support offered by legal aid solicitors can reduce stress and help your legal proceedings avoid feeling overwhelming.

How can Legal Aid help?

Legal aid can help you afford legal support, representation in court, or family mediation.

In order to claim legal aid, you will need to prove that the case is a serious one, that it is eligible for legal aid, and that you are unable to pay for legal costs without additional financial support.

Cases eligible for legal aid include anywhere you or your family are at risk of harm or abuse, such as situations of domestic violence or forced marriage, incidents in which you are accused of a crime, situations in which you are at risk of homelessness, or cases involving discrimination, as well as family mediation.

You will have to show evidence that you cannot afford to pay for this legal support without the help of legal aid, and you may have to pay some of the costs yourself.

Still, it can make a huge difference in ensuring that anyone can access justice even if they are not financially stable. 

Legal aid can help by offering you advice on your options and legal rights, detailed help with paperwork or negotiations, support if you have been accused of a crime, or a solicitor or barrister to speak on your behalf and help support you in preparing your case for court.

You will automatically receive legal aid for legal representation in court if you are under 16, under 18 and still in full-time education, or if you are receiving certain benefits.

If you discover that you are not eligible for legal aid, you may still be able to get free legal advice from a range of sources such as Citizens Advice, AdviceNow, and the Law Centres Network!

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