6 Stellar Tips to Help You Customize Clothes and Ace Your Look

Written By Alla Levin
August 04, 2020

6 Stellar Tips to Help You Customize Clothes and Ace Your Look

Despite what fashion big wigs want us to think, you can customize clothes to help get to the perfect look fairly easily (and without breaking the bank). Do you find it challenging to find an exact look or type of clothes that can make your dream look come true? With the health crisis still underway, everyone’s trying to budget in the best ways they can.

If you’re running out of good clothes, you may have second thoughts about shopping. However, that can be expensive as well. How about you customize clothes by yourself? For the green and environment-conscious, it’s one small way to help the earth recover. The fashion industry creates 10% of all carbon emissions by humanity. Here are six fabulous tips to help you stay fashion-forward without sinking into debt.

Cut It ShortCustomize Clothes

Did you know 52% of women buy clothes or shoes when they’re under the influence? Some people like to cut their hair when they’re bored. If you must do something to deal with the lockdown blues, get scissor-happy, and create custom clothes instead.

Look for an old dress or a pair of pants that need updating. The effect works best when you take an ankle-length dress to chop into a knee-length piece.

You can do the same with old jeans worn down at the knees and turn them into jean shorts. Wear it, stand tall, and place a mark where you want to cut it. Don’t forget to keep a half-inch or an inch for the hem. Then lay the garment flat on a surface and start cutting.

Keep It Chic by Adding a Collar or Bow

If you don’t want to chop something off, add something in instead. One of the best ways to turn a boring black dress into an appealing outfit is to add a collar. You can do the same to a round-collar shirt that will look better with a collar.

This is also a good way of putting your old button-up shirt to good use. If you haven’t got a button-up shirt that you want to chop up, get a bow instead. You can DIY a bow tie and sew it onto a garment. Is there a plain skirt that you plan to cut short? Instead of throwing away the excess cloth, turn it into a front or side bow at the waist. It’s a great add-on to a flowing skirt with a pinched waist.

Sew in Your Custom Patchescustomize clothes

Is your favorite jacket starting to wear down at the elbows? Did you get caught on something that made a tear or hole in your clothes? Be more stylish by patching it up. Vintage embroidered patches are easy to apply and are trending again. They’re also available in local stores and online if you want to give a boring old sweater a trendy yet subtle aesthetic, iron an elbow patch onto it.

Make the piece of clothing your canvas or go with a minimal style. Create unique shapes by customizing your patches. You can also create a custom monogram patch for a one-of-a-kind look and/or a personal signature.

Embellish and Bedazzle

From collar pins to ribbons, you’ve got a lot of available options here. There are many ways to embellish your clothes. Most embellishment pieces are easy to find, depending on the style and fashion you’re going for. For example, you want to customize clothes to match your cozy, cutesy aesthetic. Pick among crystals, pearl beads, and knitted flower buttons. For a punk aesthetic, create a corseted part with a leather cord or studded chains.

By adding a few ornamentations onto a garment, you can turn it from plain to elegant or trashy to classy. Be creative with what you put on your shirts and pants. Don’t be afraid to go all out or bring simple yet gorgeous ideas to life.

Add Your Unique Print to Customize Clothes

Are you part of a niche fandom? Do you want to show off that you play D&D? Are you proud of your artwork and design concepts? If you want to bring these aspects of your life to the spotlight, put them in print.

Today, it’s easy to find sites that will let you unleash your artistic side. Create your own design and get your bulk custom t-shirts online. Be it glow-in-the-dark or holographic print, there are places where you can get them. Do you want to add something to your pastel jacket even though you don’t know what it is yet?

If you don’t have a design in mind, pick one instead. Most of the websites that offer t-shirt prints also have their shirt print designs on display. All you need to do is to find a really high-quality printer like the Epson F3070 along with Epson F3070 ink and supply.

Alter the Cut

Do you want to get a shirt with an off-the-shoulder cut? Have you got a top that you never wear or don’t plan to wear at any time anyway? Well, this is the time to take those two ideas and marry them. If you’ve got more technical know-how with sewing, this is your chance to show it off. If you don’t, but you’ve got a great idea of how you want to cut up your old dress, learn the basics first.

Take some time to learn how to sew a proper hemline, even if you’re going for the frayed look. You can be more creative with how you want to alter the cut. You can even move from shirts to skirts, dresses, or jackets. Slice off sleeves, turn a garment into a crop top or add a sexy slit to an old-fashioned skirt.

Start Customizing Your ClothesStart Customizing Your Clothes

Smart fashion is creative and resourceful. You don’t need to go to a shopping mall or retail store every time you get a new look. You may only need a bit of inspired creativity, an old piece of clothing, and a sewing kit. Now you know how to customize clothes and get the look you want! We hope these tips help you get ideas on how to customize clothes. To see more fashion-related content, check out our other posts.

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