Three Simples Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life

Written By Alla Levin
February 21, 2020

Three Simple Ways to Live a More Sustainable Life

Sustainability is the hottest trend in every aspect of lifestyle for 2024.  As we continue to learn more about climate change and understand the need to act quickly, many areas of our lives are under the “eco microscope.”

Our modern lifestyles are not eco-friendly. Mass consumerism, excessive waste, frivolous traveling, and fast fashion all adversely affect the planet. Here are three simple ways to live a more sustainable life in 2024.

Travel Less

Transportation is one of the leading causes of climate change. One quick way to help mitigate our own personal carbon footprint is to simply travel less. Instead of going abroad this year, why not explore your own country by train?

Instead of driving to work, buy a bike and cycle daily. Instead of taking a taxi to that meeting four blocks away, leave early and walk there instead. There are many ways for us all to travel less or travel more sustainably. Flying less will have the biggest impact.

If you can’t avoid flying for business then you can now speak to your airline about offsetting your carbon emissions. Some airlines now offer this option when you buy your tickets online. Remember, a journey not taken is the best sustainable option. If you must travel, always seek more sustainable modes of transport such as train, ferry, car, tram, underground, monorail, bike, or bus.  

Eat More Vegan

It seems veganism is everywhere at the moment, from top celebrities talking about dairy at the Oscars to worldwide demonstrations on the streets of capital cities. While you may not agree with vegans and their opinion on the consumption of animal products, it’s hard to ignore their point about the environment. 

Research has repeatedly shown that animal products are one of the leading causes of carbon emissions worldwide. Animals require a heavy amount of resources to breed, feed and care for. Eating less meat and dairy this year can help you significantly reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Don’t forget that veganism isn’t just about food. It’s about all goods that contain animal products or are tested on animals. You can now buy vegan leather, cruelty-free face makeup, and even vegan suncream. Most of these products come with a lower carbon footprint than the non-vegan alternatives.

Buy Less

The most sustainable purchase you can make is not to purchase anything at all. Everything we buy and consume comes with a carbon footprint. This can vary depending on the product, its materials, source, and packaging. 

Obviously, we can’t just stop buying things we need for our life. However, we can buy more sustainable products. Those that use more sustainable materials and are certified organic or Fairtrade are a good start.

Research companies to see how transparent they are about the energy they use to produce their goods. Zero-waste stores are a great start for those that need some assistance from sustainable consumerism. 

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