Looking At The Top Implant Dentist In Jacksonville

Written By Nataly Devine
August 05, 2020
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Looking At The Top Implant Dentist In Jacksonville

I have been given, by my standards, not so great a set of teeth.

My mother swears they are excellent, which when translated that I have come to discover now that I too am a parent, means you don’t look like a shark, I am not wasting money fixing one tooth.

It bothered me all through my younger years. I always smile with my lips closed or covering my mouth when I laugh. As natural a pose as possible without looking like a freak, and the minute I started earning a salary, I was making inquiries to get them sorted.

I was older now and in the customer service industry, so the rail tracks, as the kids call them these days, were not an option, see some images in this link on what I’m talking about, colors, versions, and the works.

Once I had my teeth in what I considered to be a good state was when the problems began, and not what I would wish for anyone. The teeth had shifted into a straight line, and in doing so, the fillings I had started to move and crack, and it all went downhill from there.

To cut a long story short, I had to have two teeth taken out, can you believe it? After all those years of being traumatized, I now still had a closed lips smile.

Thankfully a friend suggested having implants. Until then, I had never considered them thinking they were only for the older folk who had lost all their teeth from age, but how times have changed.

I found a great clinic that ran me through the full procedure, including all the costs upfront. I knew there wouldn’t be any hidden surprises down the line, making me feel as if this was a small thing that could be rectified in no time. I felt comfortable, and for once, this was a priority for me.

Want a dental practice that will look after you and make you feel like their most important client? Quality of service and reliable customer care you deserve because good teeth can change your life.

5 Advantages of having dental implants donehaving dental implants done

Do not be put off by thinking it is a process left for your grandparents once they reach a certain age; many younger people are getting the treatment to boost confidence and give them the life they always wanted from a great smile.

  • This is the main objective of having the treatment done; each tooth is colored and matched to your existing teeth keeping the look as unified as possible and shaped to your mouth to create a natural smile.
  • Not having a tooth where you once did can significantly impact the way you begin to chew food, creating pressure on the other teeth now taking on the task of breaking down the food and making more significant issues in the future if not treated quickly efficiently. A well-placed implant can prevent all this.
  • You can have peace of mind in knowing that your implant will last as long, if not longer, than your original teeth. Necessarily we should look at it as an investment.
  • Plates of false teeth can be stiff and painful, even more so if not done to the best of quality, an implant may be that bit more expensive, but not being in constant agony, I’d say it’s a small price to pay.
  • Cost-effective. As mentioned before, if done correctly, the treatment would be a once-off, no-repeat appointment or upgrading down the line. Thus making it a worthwhile payment, albeit, on the higher-priced side of the coin, it far outweighs the alternatives in the long run.

The importance of an excellent dental implant dentist In Jacksonvilledental implant dentist

You wouldn’t just buy the first car you see at the first dealership you visit, would you? The same goes for taking care of your dental hygiene; a dentist is as important as choosing your kids’ school or doctors.

Make sure you look around at various options, a better dentist who comes recommended may be further out than you intended, but you can’t put a price on having your teeth seen to properly.

You aren’t the first to be wary when shopping around; see why others think it is essential in choosing the best dentist to get the job done right the first time around.

A board-certified dentist is a must, and if specializing in dental implantations, all the better.

I am all about helping newly graduated students get their foot in the door with hands-on experience, but if you aren’t comfortable with this, be sure to mention it to the dentist who will undoubtedly understand and use the pupil as an ‘equipment giver’ of sorts.

Take your time, don’t be pressured into using the village local as your go-to practice, and if someone is missing a smile in the world, share yours and make their day with implant dentist In Jacksonville.

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