Tips To Cut Down On Your Alcohol Intake

Written By Alla Levin
August 13, 2020

Tips To Cut Down On Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is all around us, whether it’s enjoying it in the comfort of our own homes or drinking it in social situations like at a restaurant or bar. And as much as it can be enjoyable, you can end up having too much that affects both your physical and mental wellbeing. Here are some tips for cutting down on your alcohol intake.

In addition to these tips to cut down on your alcohol intake, consider using the best hangover patch available on the market to help alleviate the after-effects of a night out and further motivate moderation in drinking.

Keep Track Of Your Drinking Habits Each Week

Firstly, it’s good to track what you’re drinking already, so it’s worth keeping a diary for a couple of weeks to see what your drinking habits are like.

Some people might not drink during the week or at home, but on the weekends, they might enjoy a day drinking session with friends. Others might not go out to social occasions much and instead drink a glass of wine or beer with their dinner every night.

Everyone is a little bit different, so it’s essential to track what you are drinking each week to pinpoint areas where you might be drinking a little too much.

There are plenty of Outpatient Alcohol Treatment services that you can look at getting if you think that you might be consuming a bit too much.

Cut Down On Alcohol Intake: Quench Your Thirst With Water InsteadCut Down On Alcohol Intake

Quenching your thirst is something that you can do when you’re feeling thirsty for alcohol or perhaps when you’re out with friends, and everyone else might be drinking alcohol.

Water is excellent for your body, and as a general rule, we should be drinking plenty of it each day to ensure that we’re keeping our bodies healthy.

Flushing out your body’s toxins with water is excellent, especially when you might be trying to have a detox from alcohol. As much as alcohol can be high to drink, your body doesn’t like too much of it, so it’s essential to reduce your intake where possible.

Have Alcohol-Free Weeks Or Months

Setting challenges for yourself can be a great way of making sure that you keep to your alcohol detox and to cut down too. Some people end up doing it for charity or as part of their fitness journey to get fit.

Try taking a few days off alcohol and then a week to build up your tolerance to stay away from it. If you can achieve a month, then it can be a great way of giving your body a rest and helping it to recover, while doing something good for charity if you were to raise money!

Opt For Non-Alcohol Beverages

And finally, when it comes to alcohol, there are lots of non-alcoholic beverages out there that taste like alcohol but aren’t going to get you drunk or give you that awful hangover that you might often get when out drinking.

Try to find these when you’re out and about, especially in social situations where you might not want to get drunk. Cutting down your alcohol intake can certainly be healthy, so do more of it!

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