Get a Move On: 5 Pro Tips for Making Moving Easier

Written By Alla Levin
August 26, 2020

Pro Tips for Making Moving Easier


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Moving is kind of a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Even though you’re moving every possession you own to a new location, possibly to an unfamiliar area, you can save yourself a ton of frustration by being prepared.

By simply making moving easier on yourself, you can avoid a lot of these negative emotions that come along with moving.

You can also save yourself a lot of time.

We want to help. Keep reading for our quick guide on the best way to get ready to move.

1. Get Your Home Cleaned and Decluttered in Advance

Making moving easier comes down to getting organized. Primarily, this means cleaning and decluttering your home long before moving day.

Most people have way more stuff than they need. Did you know the average person only uses about 20% of their wardrobe on a regular basis?

Instead of packing a bunch of stuff you don’t want or need, sell it online, garage sale it, donate it, or throw it away.

2. Make a Checklist

When getting ready to move, it’s best to create a checklist of everything you need to accomplish before the big day. This includes:

  • Packing
  • Changing your mailing address
  • Turning off utilities at your old home
  • Scheduling utilities at your new home
  • Getting help for packing and cleaning
  • Hiring movers

If you write things down, they’re less likely to slip through the cracks.

Start Packing as Soon as Possible

Another important tip for making moving easier is packing up your things as soon as possible.

We recommend starting in the areas of the house that you rarely use. For example, start packing up:

  • Spare bedrooms
  • Spare bathrooms
  • Keepsakes
  • Decor
  • And other non-essential items

The more you get done ahead of time, the less you’ll have to do on moving day.

Hire Movers

Learning how to make a move as easier may mean hiring professional movers to help you get the job done. You can save yourself the back-breaking work of loading and unloading everything yourself.

Try looking for convenient movers in your area and make sure they can move you to wherever you’re going, even if it’s out of town.

Keep Your Boxes Organized

Making moving easier can also be accomplished by labeling your boxes and organizing everything. Organize your boxes based on which room the items belong in.

That way, you and/or the movers will know where to put them in your new place, rather than piling everything up in the front of the house for you to sort through later. You should also set aside a box of essentials you can keep with you at all times.

This should contain an extra change of clothes, cell phone charger, hygiene items, etc. This is especially important if you’re making a big move.

Is Making Moving Easier a Priority for You?d hiring professional movers.

If making moving easier is important to you, we highly recommend planning everything out ahead of time and hiring professional movers.

Having peace of mind certainly goes a long way when getting ready to move.

However, if you’re looking for other lifestyle or travel advice, we can help.

Our blog is designed to give people like you solid insight into everything life has to offer.

Be sure to check out some of our other articles before you start packing.

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