How to Achieve Your Daily Goals Consistently

Written By Alla Levin
September 02, 2020

How to Achieve Your Daily Goals Consistently

Setting daily goals doesn’t come easy for some of us. Everything seems so overwhelming and besides, where do you even start?

But the truth is anybody can complete a set of goals even if it’s just one per day to make 30 in a month.

When you look at it in the bigger picture, that’s 365 in a year! That’s a lot of accomplishments.

If you’ struggle with this meaningful life task, keep reading for how to set daily goals and actually carry them out for your ultimate success at work, home, and everywhere.

Managing Your Daily Goals

Daily goal setting isn’t just for fortunate individuals with hidden talents that you don’t have. Managing a routine is where it all begins.

If you don’t manage things well, make it a goal to learn how!

Here’s an outline for how to get started.

Setting Daily Goals

Managing Your Daily Goals

Your everyday goals are not going to be the same as anybody else. Sure, you might have a goal of walking 2 miles just the same as your spouse or co-worker.

But the root of the goal goes deeper than that.

We suggest you consider using SMART to define what you really want.


First, start with one goal of the day. Then, use the following method to outline what you plan to achieve.

  • Specific: exact ideas for your reason
  • Measurable: results-driven
  • Attainable: within reach
  • Relevant: reason
  • Time-Bound: using deadlines

Using these productivity tips will help you keep your goals in line with the eventual outcome.

Writing Things Down

While using the SMART method, it may be helpful to keep a journal or daily calendar of the events that are leading you toward your goals.

For example, if your goal is to get more done at work, write down everything you plan to accomplish in your calendar and mark it off as you go.

Seeing results creates a sense of ownership and gives you the motivation to do more.

Making Realistic Goals

While you’re at it, remember the ‘A’ in SMART. Don’t write down that you want to do 12 things if the reality is that you will only finish 9.

It’s the same concept as creating a sense of ownership except when you can’t finish what you set out to do, your inclination to do more later diminishes.

Celebrating Success

When you mark off even one goal that you set out to do, give yourself a literal pat on the back.

Better yet, take yourself out for ice cream or allow yourself 10 extra minutes in the bathwater.

Rewarding yourself encourages you to keep pushing with other goals you have in mind.

It’s Not As Difficult As You Think to Achieve Goals Consistently

Your daily goals are not out of reach! Success belongs to those who make it and you can absolutely do this on a consistent basis.

The key lies within your dedication to yourself and what you aim to achieve.

Feeling healthy and comfortable in your body is the first step in accomplishing your goals.

Check out our blog for inspiration to become more productive in your daily work activities.

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