Websites for Real Estate Agents: An Overview

Written By Alla Levin
September 02, 2020
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Websites for Real Estate Agents: An Overview

In today’s world of real estate marketing and the internet, real estate agents and companies like PK Property. Why is this important? Owners and buyers and sellers of real estate are turning to the internet, looking for information concerning a property that either is or potentially is. on the market.

More and more, the internet is becoming the first place individual buyers and sellers are going for information. Realtors, real estate agencies, and real estate agents are also making a substantial move to the internet.

At one time, the real estate section of the Sunday newspaper and the listing updates was one of the primary sources of information. Today, it’s the internet that serves that purpose. What does all of this mean for an individual real estate agent and real estate marketing? Is having an individual presence needed?

Is it important? Any good real estate agent wants to be where the serious and potential clients are. Since the internet is that place today, individual agencies and companies are moving there, too. The internet itself is accessible on an around-the-clock basis. What, then, is a presence on the internet worth?

A website or a web page has become a 24-hour digital business card. Basic public knowledge about a listing can be accessed at any time of the day or not. Quite simply, a real estate agent needs not only access to the Internet, but the agent also needs a presence on the Internet or face being lost in the crowd. For a website to be of value to an agent, it must contain useful information. To create this value, what would be featured on an agent’s page?

Contact InformationWebsites for Real Estate Agents

An agent’s page must have easy to access and up-to-date contact information. This includes business telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. This section would make the agent accessible to a client without revealing information that is either personal or private.

Personal Information

There is, however, personal information about an agent that would be of interest to a client. This includes academic background, the general area in which they live, any additional language, or previous careers. A photograph of the agent could also be included.

This information can help a client make a decision about an agent. After all, if a client is looking for acreage in a rural area, they would want someone familiar with that area and not a “city slicker”.


Proper licensing is important. Information on licenses, continuing education, and any other professional accomplishments or personal experience could be included. Testimonials could be added to this section.

Brokerage Information

Information on the realty firm or association the agent is affiliated with should be included. If either the agent or the realty firm uses a “tag” line or phrase, this is where they would add that.

Area of Specialization

An agent can become a specialist in the type of housing. For example, an agent could become a specialist in condos, understanding the pluses and negatives of various condominium developments. Or, an agent could become knowledgeable about the stock of Victorian or Craftsman homes in their area.

The information would be of value to a client, especially if they were involved in a home or condo within a particular region. The more specific you are in your specialization, the more you will look like an expert to prospective clients.

Neighborhood informationWebsites for Real Estate Agents

When an agent specializes in a particular type of property, that’s important enough to be noted. For example, if a client has a specific need or wants that would determine what property they would consider, the property search can be made much more targeted. An agent’s knowledge of communities and their characteristics, along with shopping and commuting options, helps keep both the agent and the client focused.

Client Testimonials

One important question for the client to ask is what kind of specific experience the agent has had. Overall, clients are looking for agents that have had successful experiences in the buying or selling of real estate. It’s important for both a buyer and seller to understand the depth of experience an agent has had.

Real estate companies can make their life easier by implementing testimonial software, such as Trustmary. It enables the collection of feedback and testimonials automatically, and also helps with utilizing the finished testimonials in marketing.

Showcase Listings

Real estate marketing is, quite often, all about showcasing available or recently sold the property. This is where real estate professional can highlight their current listings. Showing proof of being able to obtain listing clients and finding buyers for listings is invaluable for a real estate agent, and a website makes it easy and affordable to showcase current and past listings.

Benefits of a WebsiteBenefits of a Website

With a comprehensive website, a real estate professional can use the information to maintain a comprehensive mailing list of individuals looking for something specific for a mass mailing and keep their name in front of clients and prospects without using valuable sales time. They can add blog entries on a regular basis that would maintain the interest of the reader.

These blog entries could include information on trends in decorating, landscaping tips, and repair and maintenance tips. With all of this information on the Internet, a real estate agent can also create an opportunity to ask potential clients questions.

What can I help you with? Are you looking for a realtor in another city? Do you have financing questions? A comprehensive website can provide information to potential clients without interrupting the sales process. There are advantages to a site like this. You can tell your story about your brand without revealing too much personal information.

Final Thoughts

In a competitive market, it is important to provide up-to-date information about your listings and any homes you have placed under contract or sold. One way to do this is with postcards from Wise Pelican, which specializes in real estate postcards.

When your mailing list sees your postcards, prospective clients can visit your website, which will be displayed prominently on your postcard. Everything comes full circle for real estate agents when they combine a website with the rest of their marketing strategy.

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